Switzerland: 6 Finalists Revealed

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – All 4 Swiss broadcasters, SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR, came together this year to have one selection process for the Swiss Eurovision entry. Songs were uploaded to an online platform and a jury of 20 music experts chose 20 acts who were invited to a live check. 


That audition has now taken place ad the six artists that have been chosen for the national final have been revealed:

Ginta Biku‘Cet air là
Michèle ‘Two Faces’
Nadya ‘Fire in the Sky’
Shana Pearson ‘Exodus’

You can listen to the 6 artists and songs here.

The national final is to be held in Zurich, which will be broadcast on 5th February 2017 on SRF Zwei. The eventual winner will be chosen by 100% televote. You can buy tickets for the national final here.

14 comments on “Switzerland: 6 Finalists Revealed

  1. This really is just embarrassing.

  2. This is a bland bunch of songs once again. It feels like they don’t even bother…

  3. I could live with “Gold” only.
    “Cet air là” and “Exodus” in particular are cringeworthy.
    Good luck.

  4. Bad very bad.

  5. I really like “Gold” and “Apollo”.

  6. A good selection of songs yet again for Switzerland !

    “Gold” and “Fire in the sky” are my favourites by far though.

    #teamfreschta though all the way ! I hope we get a chance to see her in esc !

  7. Some people say yes, others say no. I am saving these songs for later. Good luck, Switzerland!

  8. Hmm. Not great really. All these songs would need some serious working on.

    • agree, kind of nothing stands out and all would need some serious work even to get through the semi final, what is it with Switzerland these days?! what do I know? UK jury voted 12 points for this (switzerland) when I was a kid and watching and being kind of shocked about it! anything can happen and probably will these days:

  9. UK Jury that year gave the final winner 8 points I think

  10. Europe take note, this is how you do things: Every entry is a female or has a female in the band. This should become ESC law.

    Timebelle should win and we will pretend the entry is “Singing About Love” which I’m still listening to in he present time.

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