Germany: Unser Song 2017 Names 33 Acts

GermanyGermany – The German national selection expert committee has selected 33 acts from nearly 2,500 entries for its Unser Song 2017 competition. In a final casting round the committee will now choose just 5 acts to go into the final on 9th February 2017. 

Tim Bendzko, Florian Silbereisen and Lena (Germany 2010, 2011) will comment on the 5 finalists but the winner will be chosen by 100% televote.


All the chosen acts are solo artists and over the age of 18. They can be seen here. The song will be chosen separately.

The acts still in the competition are:

  • Alessandro Capasso
  • Alex Scuderi
  • Anja Licht
  • Axel Feige
  • Beccy
  • Elvira Michieva
  • Felicia Lu Kürbiß
  • Florian Brückl
  • Helene Nissen
  • Jo Marie Dominiak
  • Kai Schernbeck
  • Leonie Krakowski
  • Levina
  • Lisa Toh
  • Luisa Skrabic
  • Makeda Michalke
  • Marvin Schloßhauer
  • Mary-Anne Bröllochs
  • Max-Antoine Meisters
  • Meg Pfeiffer
  • Nathan Trent
  • Nila
  • Patrice Gerlach
  • Paul Köninger
  • Philipp Ostendorf
  • Sadi
  • Susanna Okonowski
  • Sihna Maagé
  • Sina Rösener
  • Sven Lüchtenborg
  • Taylor Luc Jacobs
  • Yosefin Buohler

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44 comments on “Germany: Unser Song 2017 Names 33 Acts

  1. 2 names already haunting the esc 2017 season
    Ginta Biku

  2. Absolutely obsessed with “Deák”. Don’t know how you guys will like it as this might just be a 16-year-old girl thing coming over me.

    • I’ve only listened to “17”, “Kalando” and “Deák” and you’re not the only one to like it :)
      This also might just be my young boy thing coming over me, but I don’t think so.

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