Azerbaijan: Diana Hajiyeva to Kyiv!

diana-hajiyevaAzerbaijan – National broadcaster, Ictimai, has internally selected Diana Hajiyeva to represent Azerbaijan at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Diana is known in Azerbaijan under her stage name DiHaj and was one of Samra‘s backing singers in 2016. 

Diana tried to represent her country back in 2011 but Ell and Nicki won the Milli Seçim Turu selection that year.

The song that Diana will sing will be revealed at a later date. What do you think to Azerbaijan’s choice?


3 comments on “Azerbaijan: Diana Hajiyeva to Kyiv!

  1. It’s the first time an artist I actually voted for in ETSC go to Eurovision. I am not particularly a fan of cold electro, but I couldn’t deny the musical qualities of the song. Good luck to her :-)

    Now I am only waiting for Russian TV to select Dvar, but I’m afraid it is wishful thinking :P

  2. Very interesting choice made by Azerbaijan. She is good singer and now i just hope that she will have great song for Stockholm. Anyways very best of luck to DiHaj and to whole Azerbaijan from Finland! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  3. I am eagerly waiting for her choice of song. Good luck!

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