Armenia: Down to the Final Six Contestants

armeniaArmenia – The Armenian national selection programme Depi Evratesil has reduced the number of contestants down to six in its latest episode. The semi-final will take place next week. It is expected that the final winner will be chosen by a jury / SMS 50-50 vote. 

The judges each had two contestants left, but this was reduced to one each. You can watch here:

The 6 remaining acts are

  • Marta (currently mentored by Anush)
  • Lucy (currently mentored by Aram MP3)
  • Artsvik (currently mentored by Essaï)
  • Egine (currently mentored by Hayko)
  • Syuzanna Melqonyan (currently mentored by Inga)
  • Vahe Aleksanyan (currently mentored by Iveta)


The Armenian public appears not to be happy that Hasmik has been eliminated and have started a petition, with many calling for her to come back as wildcard. There are also accusations of it being a fix and Lucy being given favourable treatment. From the remaining six, Egine seems to be getting a lot of support from the public.

We’re not sure what happens next, but there are rumours that the final will not be until 24th December so there’s plenty of time yet for twists and turns.

5 comments on “Armenia: Down to the Final Six Contestants

  1. I’m really nervous the winner is going to be Egine :/. Hasmik should’ve won and now there’s no one that really stands out. I would be happy with Artsvik and Syuzanna cause they have good voices and stage presence.

    • Biased choice by Aram, vagina choice by Iveta, penis choice by Hayko! Essai and sisters made optimal choices!
      I clearly see 2 participants pulled to win the whole thing! Also this makes clear that some former ESC participants have no clue what ESC is! Our broadcaster would rather to orgnize a show of song’s selection rather than a talent show!

    • Ups sorry! This was’t supposed to be a reply!

  2. I know nothing about this NF, but that does not prevent me from wishing all of them good luck.

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