Slovenia: 16 Artists Revealed

sloveniaSlovenia – The 16 artists that will take part in the newly revamped EMA in Slovenia have been revealed. The first semi-final has been confirmed for 17th February 2017. The second semi-final will be on 18th February 2017. As rumoured, the final will be 24th February 2017. 

Here are the 16 semi-finalists:

First semi-final (17th February 2017)

  • Amaya
  • King Foo
  • Lea Sirk
  • Nika Zorjan
  • Omar Naber
  • Sell Out
  • Tosca Beat
  • Zala Đurić Ribič

Second semi-final (18th February 2017)

  • Alya
  • BQL
  • Ina Shai
  • Kataya & Duncan Kamakana
  • Nuška Drašček
  • Raiven
  • Tim Kores Kori
  • United Pandaz & ARSELLO feat. Alex Volasko


58 comments on “Slovenia: 16 Artists Revealed

  1. Fans want Saara Aalto to sing her 2011 esc entry during the X-Factor final.The song has aged well and i really like it:

    • I was just coming to report that she made it to the final !
      Stunning imo given she has no regional base to support her in the UK !
      And she passed to the final being in the top 2 of the public vote as well – she could win this imo which is big news for her I feel.

    • Thanks for the link, Dimitri. ‘Blessed with love’ has been a personal favourite since we first heard back in late 2010 – remember when it won the online selectuon? Saara Aalto may not be the most original artist in the world, but she has something very rare nowadays: she is sincere and authentic in what she does.

  2. Raiven and Omar Naber are the only 2 names I recognize on this list..EMA has its exciting moments so waiting anxiously to see what’s on offer this time. Good luck !

  3. Amaya is actually Maja Keuc.Happy that their selection takes place in February.

  4. Seems to be a diverse line-up. Good luck!

  5. Azerbaijan’s artist was revealed, definitely someone to look out for imo

  6. Maya Keuc is the clear favourite here! She is going to win easily! Trust me :)

  7. Switzerland; clueless.

    Awful songs bad singers.


  8. Yay I knew one of those before their ESC adventures :)

    Tosca Beat is a modern popera trio. I think (hope) they aren’t as OTT as Skaala or Malena Ernman, but popera is always interesting for me to see.

    I’m not crazy over this example single, but there is a LOT to make something stellar here

  9. Off topic: RTP have released the list of composers involved in FdC 17:

    Luísa Sobral
    Rita Redshoes
    David Santos (Noiserv)
    Celina da Piedade
    Samuel Úria
    Nuno Gonçalves (The Gift)
    Pedro Silva Martins (Deolinda)
    Tóli César Machado (GNR)
    João Pedro Coimbra (Mesa)
    Nuno Figueiredo (Virgem Suta)
    Pedro Saraiva (Sir Aiva/D.R. Sax)
    Nuno Feist
    Jorge Fernando
    João Só
    Héber Marques

    Most of them are new names when it comes to FdC. The plot thickens.

    • You beat me to it, Shevek! I was just about to share this lol

      I’m thrilled that we’re seeing another ETSC artist pop up in a national final, especially one I sent! ;) But it’s nice to see new faces overall. I’m looking forward to FdC.

    • I hope RTP will follow the right path this time.Good luck Portugal!

  10. Off topic (again! Sorry, Morgan and Hulluna): RTP have released the rules regarding FdC17: there will ne two semis and a final, 50/50 jury, televote; the songs may be performed in any language (this is the biggest change). The jury vote will come from 7 different regions and not from all the districts.

    Henrique Amaro (Antena 3 – public radio broadcasting pop, rock, hip hop and other styles of current music) and Nuno Galopim (music critic who loves ESC and thought that Latvai should have won the whole thing in 2016) were hired as advisers.

    Dates: semis – February 19th and 26th; final – March 5th.

    • sounds good! at least am glad to hear Portugal will be in ESC again, as you indicated “performed in any language”, well as you know such is always our debate here :-)

    • Happy that the juries are back. Thanks for all the information on FdC. :)

  11. On topic – I recognize some of the Slovenian names. Good luck, Slovenia!

    P.S. – the pasta is almost burning to crisp on the stove!

    • HEEEY Amaya ( I dislike this silly nick) is Maja Keuc, the best Slovenian entrant EVER, and one of the best entrants EVER in ESC generally..I think that she sent her song to MF ,but was rejected and now tryes for Slovenia again..hmmm..

  12. On the Swiss final: It’s better than the last 2 years but it’s still really average.
    “Exodus” is the worst.It’s an irritating europop.
    Ginta Biku is channeling her inner Zoe.The song is nice enough.
    Freschta sings an ok pop song while Nadya sings a Bondish ballad.Michele’s song isn’t bad but has a rather annoying chorus.Timebelle’s “Apollo”is a generic pop ballad.All in all,Ginta,Freschta and Nadya are the better 3 of this line-up.

  13. Ok, I have to go now. I am leaving you with a song by Márcia, one of the composers invited to be in FdC (I love this one):

    Márcia – ‘Insatisfação’ (Dissatisfaction)

    Seeveral Portuguese fans angry because there are no foreign composers on the list. No cooments. Good night. :)

  14. On Switzerland : A very promising bunch !
    And it seems one after the other my favourite artists from the voice of switzerland come in the esc preselection. After Tiziana Gullino now Freschta Akbarzada ! She has one of the most distinctive voices I heard from a female singer – such depth and power. Its stunning really !
    Definately rooting for her.

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