Belarus: 13 Acts Through to Final. Watch Now

BelarusBelarus – It might have been 10, it might of been 15, but the Belarus final will this year consist of 13 finalists, all newcomers to the process. In a live audition the panel of judges picked 13 acts to go on to the national final. 

The panel included Olga Salamakha, Inna Mardusevich, Elena Treschinskaya, Dmitry Dolgolev, Oleg Averin, Ludmila Kutz, Sergei Andrianov, Mikhail Revutsky and Evgeny Perlin.

The finalists and their songs (click the title) are:

Aleksandra Tkach – ‘Be stronger
KATTIE (Yekaterina Rudnitskaya) – ‘Wild Wind
Vladislav KurasovFollow the Play
NAVI band – ‘Historyja majho žyccia
Angelica Pushnova – ‘We Should Be Together
Isaak Nightingale (Vadim Kapustin) – ‘On The Red Line
Anastasiya Sheverenko – ‘We’ll Be Together
Yuliya Korenyuk (July) – ‘Children of the World
Nuteki – ‘Take My Heart
Napoli – ‘Let’s Come Together
Lermont x Julic – ‘Heartbeat
Group PROvokatsiya#MYLOVE
Nikita Khodas – ‘Voice in my Head

The final may take place on January 2oth 2017, hosted by TEO (Belarus 2014) and will return to a 50/50 jury-televote split.

29 comments on “Belarus: 13 Acts Through to Final. Watch Now

  1. Ok, I’ve stopped laughing long enough to type. I have so many questions. As usual there are some car crashes in here begging the question were these really the best 13 they could find?!

    Firstly, is all this pointless, who does the President want to win?

    Did Nuteki’s drummer forget to put his alarm on?

    Where did Yuliya Korenyuk dancers learn to dance?

    Is Angelica Pushnova’s diction the best ever?

    Why on earth did this masterpiece not qualify? I demand a recount.

    I actually think I want Group PROvokatsiya for absolutely all of the wrong reasons.

    Should we start the ‘guess the gimmick to be used this year’ game now?

    Another great final has been lined up.

    “I love Belarus.”

  2. I liked ‘Follow the Play‘ and ‘Voice in my Head‘
    Good luck Belarus !

  3. Napoli and NAVI again! They have improved :) . The songs aren’t great, but not too bad. A vocal coach and the always needed revamp can work miracles here.

  4. The Eesti Laul first semi songs will be revealed on December 8 and a week later we’ll get to listen to the second semi songs.

  5. Navi Band – “Гісторыя майго жыцця” is MESMERIZING, if they win by any chane, which I doubt will happen. they will be the best Belarus entry EVER, it will be finally smth daring, interesting, fresh, quality form them! :)

    • OK, I’ll listen to that one now. :)
      Hi Marko btw.

      • Hi dear!! :) Your profle pic seems nice!

        I have been to Germany in the end of October, beginning of November..It was so nice weather, I have been to Baden Baden, it’s the most elegant place I have visited, I’m only sad i didn’t have enough time to go to visit Russian church there..somebody in tourist info told us it was closed that day and we didn’t go there..

        I’ve also visited Koeln and Bonn for weekend, Bonn is AMAZING! We went to persian restaurant in Bonn, it was smth new and interesting! German National Museum of Contemporary History was such a great experience!
        Kolen cathedral was closed for climbing up, because it was Sunday, but we have climbed to Panorama buidling to 30th floor over the Rhein river, it was even better I think than the view from the cathedral..the weather was brilliant..

        I’m sad I didn’t have time to go to Strasbourg, because it is close to Karlsruhe..we had to visit university of Karlrsurhe for one da, my cousin took us tehre, tahat day i could go to Strasbourg instead, but still it was nice to visit in detail Karlrsuhe university..

        I want to go to Krakow, Wroclaw, Zakopane in the spring 2017! :)

        I also would like Helsinki, but tickets and hotels are quite expensive..

    • I actually like it a lot and it would the first Belarussian ESC entry ever I like. Looking at history, I fear that they will send someone else though. :(

  6. I’ll check those on the WE. *shudders*

  7. Navi Band – “Гісторыя майго жыцця” reminds me of Polish songs, they way she sings is like the way Polish traditional music and from some parts of Ukraine is being performed..

    I also like Владислав Курасов – “Follow the Play”, only English bugs me a bit..

  8. I like NAVI a lot, their happiness makes me happy but I mean literally half the song is “HEY HEY”. My guess is the winner will be either Vladislav.

  9. NAVI is amazing, I love how traditional it sounds yet still being modern. Everything else is just yikes

  10. am guessing in the end, despite whatever happens via Belarus, will depend on the president’s decision it seems, and nobody will like it thus will be sent to the endless history of Belarus songs, for good? or bad, personally I don’t care about like/dislike,couldn’t care less

  11. Nikita Khodas / NAVI band FTW !
    Anastasiya Sheverenko looks gorgeous but tasteless!

  12. Wow, now that’s what I call shit!

    I miss I love Belarus 😃

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