Finland: Online National Poll Shows My First Band in the Lead

FinlandFinland – After the big reveal last week of the UMK finalists, Finns have been voting in various polls for their favourite entry on initial hearing. One of the country’s leading newspapers. Iltalehti, and the 6th most popular website in the country in 2015, is running a poll…

Currently in the lead is My First Band with ‘Paradise‘. Behind in second place is Gunther & D’Sanz with ‘Love yourself‘ and in third place is Emma with ‘Circle of light.’

You can see the current results here.

Polls being run by Eurovision fansites have very different result with Emma’s ‘Circle of light‘ topping most. It’s up to the Finns however on 28th January 2017.

3 comments on “Finland: Online National Poll Shows My First Band in the Lead

  1. Gunter and D’Sanz second favourite? Love it.

  2. I probably won’t listen to the songs before the UMK,

  3. So genitalia innuendo v. masturbation innuendo ?
    Gosh Finland has really given up..

    In the meantime Saara Aalto got in the top 4 of X factor UK tonight.
    If she survives next week’s semi she goed to the final weekend.

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