Eurovision 2017: Will Kyiv be Ready in Time?

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – There are mounting concerns about whether Kyiv will be ready in time for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2017… and there is even a slight possibility that the EBU could take the competition elsewhere, although this is unlikely.

Alexander Harebin, the general director of NTU, has admitted to the local press that the EBU served NTU with a red card in early October. At one stage the preparations were running 3 months behind schedule, but now are supposedly only 1 month behind.

Procurement processes and Ukrainian legislation, and lack of funding from the government, appears to have all contributed to delays, resulting in the resignation of Zurab Alasania, the head of NTU. The Minister for Culture took over the process himself.

Additionally the proposed venue, the International Exhibition Center, has still not signed a contract to host the event as yet.


Ukraine media is reporting that the EBU will make a final decision on 8th December at its Annual Assembly. If the unthinkable happened and the EBU said Ukraine could not host, it has been rumoured that Russia would step in.

Fans trying to make arrangements to visit Ukraine have already had problems with accommodation with unscrupulous hotels cancelling bookings or taking full payment in advance, contrary to the booking conditions, and fans who need visas are also frustrated with processes so far.

The Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, has however reassured fans that the city will be ready in time and the renovated Poshtova Square will be opened in time to be one of the fan zones. Speaking to Radio Liberty, he also confirmed that a water bus will be launched, which will run from the River Station to the International Exhibition Center. 600 Metropolitan Patrol servicemen will also go on English courses before May 2017.


22 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Will Kyiv be Ready in Time?

  1. I think it’ll be fine tbh

  2. Alexander Kharebin reacted to those rumors saying that it’s only part of hid interview taken out of context that created the unnecessary fuss:
    Short summary of TSN report published earlier today, besides some dramatic phrases like: “Ukraine could lose the Eurovision Song Contest due to delays with the organization” and “Ukraine got the red card from the EBU because of delays in preparation and practically failure to organize the event”, also contains assurance of Kharebin that NTU team has already almost caught up with the schedule and three months of delays have been reduced to just one. It is expected that NTU will officially present Ukraine as the host country of ESC 2017 during EBU General Assembly meeting on 8 December.
    “While team of NTU, team of the EBU work and fight, and this is a struggle, a daily struggle with the system, sabotage, corruption and nepotism, all is well. We can handle it”, assured Kharebin in his social network post.
    The summary also blames bureaucracy, inadequate legislation and dismissive attitude of some officials as the reasons of delay.
    “It is not so bad with the state as well. Prime Minister and his staff, Maxim Nefedov, Members of Verkhovna Rada (special thanks to Grigory Shverk, Victoria Syumar) and many those who understand the role and place of each of us in this difficult process, help us.

  3. Fik takes place on 21-23 December.24 acts overall with 14 making it to the final.There will be 3 different sets of juries.The already known one and 2 new: a peoples’ jury and a media jury.In the semis the professional jury will be selecting the 8 finalists while the other 2 will be selecting the remaining six(3 each).However,in the final the jury of the media is scrapped and the winner will be decided by the professionals(60% of the vote) and the peoples’ jury(40% of the vote).

  4. Loreen is back to MF !!!

  5. Oh my!Loreen is back?But why?
    Krista Siegfrids again?Is this a regular job for her?Ace Wilder is pulling all the stops to win this time.Go Jon Hernik!!!
    It looks like a promising MF year on paper.

    • It looks like all the usual suspects of the MF bubble will be there. I guess Mans plans his return next year? It’s all becoming a little claustrophobic, even through there are a few names (like Mariette) who do deserve another chance.

      • I’m probably one of the biggest Mello cheer leaders round here, but after last round and now going through this list, I really think they seriously need a new concept. Wonder when they start to loose viewers?

    • This is an extremely promising line up. Charlotte Perelli said her song is very different from her previous efforts and outside what we would expect from her in MF and esc. We’ll see.
      Loreen, Charlotte, Mariette,Ace Wilder,Dinah Nah,Robin Bengtsson,Krista Siegfrids (she had a great entry last year imo),Wiktoria…Damn ! I don’t really care about Jon Henrik..
      And so many new comers as well ! Really hyped (except from the least interesting on papers semi being in Malmo but anyway :( )

    • Krista has two regular jobs after her christmas break. She the star of UMK and filler of MF. I wish it was other way round.

  6. Loreen on why she’s back:

  7. It would seem Sweden are definitely after the record. Interesting line-up.

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