Australia: Isaiah Firebrace Wants to do Eurovision

australiaAustralia –  Isaiah Firebrace, the 17-year-old winner of this year’s Australian X Factor has said he wants to perform at Eurovision. The teenager was mentored by Adam Lambert during the programme. Speaking after his win he said,

“When Jess (Mauboy) performed, I thought ‘Oh my God, Australian can do it, we’re allowed to be there now’ and then seeing what Guy and Dami did was incredible.

“It would definitely be something I would love to do, that would be the dream. And what if I won?”

As well as taking the number 1 spot in Australia, Isaiah has also charted in Finland already.

Source: News Corp Australia Network


2 comments on “Australia: Isaiah Firebrace Wants to do Eurovision

  1. I’m not sure he’s quite ready to take on Eurovision tbh…but I do love him (he’s the only act I could be bothered to vote for during a pretty lacklustre season of The X Factor). And I love his enthusiasm! With the right song, I could see this working. It’d be all about the voice though.

    • agree with his enthusiasm about Eurovision (interesting from such a young guy in Australia!), am guessing Australia will continue in ESC until they win so he still has a good chance!

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