Armenia: 12 Acts Left in National Selection

armeniaArmenia – The unfathomable Depi Evratesil continues in Armenia and after several weeks it appears to be down to the last 12 contestants. It is expected that the final winner will be chosen at sometime in December by a jury / SMS 50-50 vote. 

6 more acts won through last night in the latest duels. 2 acts are currently teamed with each of the judges: Hayko (2007), Inga (2009 & 2015) & Anush (2009), Aram MP3 (2014), Essaï Altounian (2015) and Iveta Mukuchyan (2016) as it goes into the final stage.


The 12 remaining acts are

  • Marta (currently mentored by Anush)
  • Alexander Plato (currently mentored by Anush)
  • Lucy (currently mentored by Aram MP3)
  • Lilit Harutyunyan (currently mentored by Aram MP3)
  • Artsvik (currently mentored by Essaï)
  • Opera Viva (currently mentored by Essaï)
  • Anna Danielyan (currently mentored by Hayko)
  • Egine (currently mentored by Hayko)
  • Gevorg Harutyunyan (currently mentored by Inga)
  • Syuzanna Melqonyan (currently mentored by Inga)
  • Hasmik Shiroyan (currently mentored by Iveta)
  • Vahe Aleksanyan (currently mentored by Iveta)

You can watch the acts here.

Looking at comments online, Hasmik seem to be one of the favourites.

2 comments on “Armenia: 12 Acts Left in National Selection

  1. Kudos to AMPTV for a nice production of the show (I thought it would be wors to be honest). This was wisest implementation of VOICE without paying for copyrights :D ! I figure out possible outcome checking the shows and I guess Iveta and her beloved boy Vahe Aleksanyan may win ;) Though Egine makes me afraid of possible surprises as she can do very well with televoting as people love silicon pupets !
    My prediction for our next contestants :

    Vahe Aleksanyan



    My favourite contestant Anna Danielyan unfortunatly has no chances in this game!

  2. Are we going to see more shows or just the final? It has been a lot of fun :)

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