Belgium: It’s Blanche for Kyiv!

blanche-belgiumBelgium – It was announced today that Blanche, aka Ellie Delvaux, is to represent Belgium in the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest next May in Ukraine. French broadcaster RTBF chose Blanche through an internal selection. She previously become known via The Voice Belgique. 

9 comments on “Belgium: It’s Blanche for Kyiv!

  1. From what I’ve seen by her, I’m very excited. With a good song this could be a potential win for Belgium I think.

  2. very promising, didnt expect less from RTBF, they’re really on the path to victory!

  3. Good luck to Ellie!

  4. Good luck Belgium!

  5. Krista Siegfrids reacts while listening to the UMK finalists.Pop/r’n’b,folk-pop,ballads,rock,gay glam disco among the entries.

  6. An update on the MF semifinalists:
    1. Les Gordons
    2. The Fooo Conspiracy
    3. Lisa Ajax
    4. Elisa Lindström
    5. Ida LaFontaine
    6. Alice Svensson
    7. Robin Bengtsson
    8. Ace Wilder
    9. Boris René
    10. Mariette Hansson
    11.Wiktoria Johansson
    12. Axel Schylström
    13. John Lundvik
    14. De vet du
    15. Jon Henrik Fjällgren

  7. Wow ok.
    Blanche is a bit left field imo and I would never consider her but that probably makes her a good choice in a post-Jamala-victory contest.
    This is a choice much different from both Loic and Laura Tesoro.
    We should expect something extremely scaled down in terms of stage production and extremely understated.
    Is it the right recipe ? Time will tell.

    Good luck !

  8. Belgium did interesting choice and hope that her song will be great. Very best of luck to you Blanche and to whole Belgium! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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