Junior Eurovision Final Today

junior eurovision 2016Junior Eurovision – Today’s the day for 17 young artists as they battle it out in Malta for this year’s Junior Eurovision crown. The final starts at 16.00 (CET) and can be watched on the officialJunior Eurovision YouTube channel here. 

Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2016) has been named as one of the interval acts for the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest along with last year’s Junior Eurovision winner, Destiny Chukunyere, and Jedward (Ireland 2011, 2012) who will be singing their new single ‘Hologram‘ and they will also be on the jury panel during the final.


The Running Order

  • Ireland – Zena Donnelly – ‘Bríce ar Bhríce’
  • Armenia – Anahit & Mary – ‘Taber’
  • Albania – Klesta Qehaja – ‘Besoj’
  • Russia – Water of Life Project – ‘Water of Life’
  • Malta – Christina Magrin – ‘Parachute’
  • Bulgaria – Lidia Ganeva – ‘Magical Day’
  • F.Y.R. Macedonia – Martija Stanojković – ‘Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta ne vodi)’
  • Poland – Olivia Wieczorek – ‘Nie zapomnij’
  • Belarus – Alexander Minyonok – ‘Musyka moikh pobed’
  • Ukraine – Sofia Rol – ‘Planet Craves For Love’
  • Italy –  Fiamma Boccia – ‘Cara Mamma (Dear Mom)’
  • Serbia – Dunja Jeličić – U la la la
  • Israel – Shir & Tim – ‘Folllow My Heart’
  • Australia – Alexa Curtis – ‘We Are’
  • The Netherlands – Kisses – ‘Kisses and Dancin’
  • Cyprus – George Michaelides – ‘Dance Floor’
  • Georgia – Mariam Mamadashvili – ‘Mzeo’

Adult juries from all seventeen countries will award points, plus an expert panel of Jedward, Melodifestivalen’s Christer Bjorkman  and Universal Music’s Mads Grimstad from Denmark will award points. Then the children’s jury points will be revealed.

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86 comments on “Junior Eurovision Final Today

  1. If Destiny does not go on and win ESC one day I’ll be sad. She needs to time it right with the right song and then slay it.

    • Couldn’t agree more. She has the talent and charisma, she will need a really decent song though, then she would stand a good chance of giving Malta that elusive win imo.

  2. Georgia is off to a very strong start.

  3. Well this seems like its going to be rather uneventful vote.

  4. Wow Gaia has truly grown up into a beautiful young woman

  5. I smell a big landslide. Surpised Malta gave zero to Italy !

  6. Georgia will likely win the adult jury but I can’t see them winning the expert’s votes or the kids jury

  7. Georgia doing really well; makes sense.

  8. ARM and AUS as usually are overrated.

  9. Why do they keep dabbing omfg I’m getting triggered

  10. Will be interesting to see if this vote can be changed.

  11. If Georgia does win I’d love to see JESC in Tbilisi next year, I know they’ve been wanting to host for awhile

  12. wow we are heading for a surprise !!

  13. Host slipped up lol, Georgia won

  14. Yeap she said a 110 so Georgia won

  15. Pheww Georgia won.

  16. Well Georgia is officially the most succesful JESC country now !

  17. lol!She revealed the result anyway.Thank God it wasn’t Italy or Armenia.Congrats to Georgia.

  18. Not my preferred result, but Mariam has a great voice and the song has grown on me. More disappointed Olivia and Klesta didn’t do so well.

  19. I tuned in to see the winner reprise but that was mostly about crying and screaming. Poor little thing. The song sounded rather adult to my ears. Finally, it was nice to see the other children support the winner when she couldn’t sing anymore.

    Congratulations to Georgia!

  20. It’s a musicalesque type of song suitable for the Christmas period.It’s ok but rather boring.If Shevek was watching jesc i believe he would have loved “Mzeo”. :P

  21. The winner:

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