Georgia Wins Junior Eurovision!

junior eurovision 2016Junior Eurovision – Congratulations to Mariam Mamadashvili of Georgia singing ‘Mzeo‘. Mariam was the contest’s youngest entrant! As Mariam struggled to hold back the emotion as she was asked to perform it again, all the other entrants gathered round to urge her on and help her sing it.

Well done Malta for a great show and here’s the winning song:

24 comments on “Georgia Wins Junior Eurovision!

  1. It was not the best set of results but it was an open contest so anything could happen.

    The georgian entry as a whole is not my cup of tea, way too shouty and out of control and I would expect adult juries to reward other performances over this one.
    The surprises came from the kids juries and Jedward voting russia so high while everyone else did not.
    Malta also had an impressive result with kids juries – Christina was relatable I think.
    Poland was robbed big time really.

    The bottom 3 was something I could see coming especially poor Serbia..
    Ireland’s top 10 was a surprise but congrats !

  2. Congratulation to the super cute little girl, Mariam, she was amazing! At the end it was a party for the kids :) . The style of the song is what she likes, and it was noticed by the juries and the audience.

  3. Congreatulations to neighbors and Mariam! Checked our entry and the winning one only! And kudos to our girls for being 2nd :))
    Still the best JESC songs from Armenia were “Mama” and “People of the sun” ! This one wasm’t that catchy :)

  4. Congrats to Georgia. Personally I would have voted for Albania or Ukraine but at the end that’s the decision from the 34 juries plus expert guests and that’s what should matter.
    On an another note it was nice to see some of the regulars gathering again for an esc related event, something like an esc NF period warm up ;)

  5. Listening to it for the first time now. First of all I notice a rather complex harmony with jazzy constructions. It should clearly have credits for not just being built on standard progressions like most other pop songs today (f.e. the ‘vamp’). It anything, the melody can seem a bit constructed sometimes.

    The song is clearly not written by the singer, and unfortunately a child’s voice doesn’t really do the song justice. It would have been much better off in the real contest performed by a more mature singer. A big shame, cause it clearly belongs in the ESC where it would have been a truly great entry for Georgia – I would have voted for it without any doubt. A missed chance…

  6. Normally I do not comment or follow JESC but since I did yesterday I feel the need to comment.

    Georgia along with Albania and Ukraine were among the best one performances IMO.

    The new system proved that even without the televoting the same countries could still do well. The televoting should be brought back, while the ”expert” and kid’s jury should be scrapped IMO. The show isn’t exclusively the party of the participating kids. Bring televoting back and allow kids from around Europe to cast their vote.

    Also the audience’s booing every time Malta was not scoring well is despicable to say the least.

    • It seems like since Jon Ola came in (and the previous head, Vlad Yakolev, was abruptly fired), the contest has gone downhill. Removing the televote was a big mistake, even if the audience is small. If future years keep up the quality of songs like this year, JESC deserves to be on Saturday evening.

      Malta booed a little in 2014 as well, but not as much since their entry placed fairly high. This year was brutal, though- not even the Tomlachevy Sisters had it this bad.

  7. Jana Burčeska to Kyiv for FYROM.

  8. I’m not entirely convinced when it comes to vocals, but I like the song (knowing that it won’t be that one of course).

  9. Ellie Delvaux, also known as Blanche, will represent Belgium at Eurovision 2017! You can find out more about the announcement here: http://bit.ly/ESC17Belgium

  10. Georgia, Congratulations for a victory! It is nice song, maybe not that memorable but still nice! :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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