Ukraine: Serhiy Prytula to Host National Final

ukraineUkraine – Whilst Ukraine continues to reassure everyone that everything is on track to host next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, it still has the additional task of selecting their own representative for the Grand Final on 14th May. 

To help with the costs national broadcaster NTU has teamed up with commercial broadcaster STB to put on the national selections show, which will be hosted by comedy TV star Serhiy Prytula who apparently is a big fan of Eurovision.

There will be three televised semi-finals aired in February culminating in the final on 25th of February 2017.

The selection was hit with controversy this month when there were allegations that the online wildcard selection had been hacked and votes increased for two acts. Kuznetsov and Aghiazma had their totals reset to zero, leaving Denis Povaliy in the lead. Kuznetsov appealed to his many followers on social media to vote again and soon was back in second place. Only those living in Ukraine can now vote online, and only once a day, if they’re not a robot.

All of the wildcard entries can be heard here thanks to Esckaz.


7 comments on “Ukraine: Serhiy Prytula to Host National Final

  1. I wonder if they’ll stage a patriotic event again …

  2. Offtopic, Isabelle Aubret is on French TV! And she’s doing good, releasing an album with many iconic left songs (she’s a communist and never hid that).

  3. Off topic: Saara Aalto has gone really far in x factor UK ! She is in the top 6 and performed “My heart will go on” tonight :

    I think there is a good chance she will go home tomorrow night though. Still a huge feat for a finnish singer imo.

  4. It’s just not the Ukrainian selection without controversy

    • what you call “controversy” is just the way we do it in Ukraine. how you live in a world with predefined order? it’s boring :)
      everything will be fine, all processes use autocorrection to be completed succesfully. have we ever failed to meet deadlines or any expectations with our ESC entries? no

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