Junior Eurovision Opening Ceremony Tonight

junior eurovision 2016Junior Eurovision – Tonight’s the night junior Eurovision fans have been waiting for… this year’s contest in Malta officially starts tight. You can watch the opening ceremony live on YouTube here from 18.15 (CET).   Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2016) has been named as one of the interval acts for the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest along with last year’s Junior Eurovision winner, Destiny Chukunyere, and Jedward (Ireland 2011, 2012) will be on the jury panel during the final.

The 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest takes place at 16:00 (CET) on Sunday 20th November.

The countries and artists competing are:

 Albania Klesta Qehaja “Besoj” Albanian, English
 Armenia Anahit & Mary “Tarber” Armenian, English
 Australia Alexa Curtis “We Are” English
 Belarus Alexander Minyonok “Musyka moih pobed (Music is My Only Way)” Russian
 Bulgaria Lidia Ganeva “Magical Day (Valsheben den)” Bulgarian, English
 Cyprus George Michaelides “Dance Floor” Greek, English
 Georgia Mariam Mamadashvili “Mzeo” Georgian
 Ireland Zena Donnelly “Bríce ar Bhríce” Irish
 Israel Shir & Tim “Follow My Heart” Hebrew, English
 Italy Fiamma Boccia “Cara Mamma – Dear Mom” Italian, English
 Macedonia Martija Stanojković “Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta ne vodi)” Macedonian, English
 Malta Christina Magrin “Parachute” English
 Netherlands Kisses “Kisses and Dancin'” Dutch, English
 Poland Olivia Wieczorek “Nie zapomnij” Polish, English
 Russia The Water of Life Project “Water of Life” Russian, English
 Serbia Dunja Jeličić “U la la la” Serbian
 Ukraine Sofia Rol “Planet Craves For Love” Ukrainian, English

12 comments on “Junior Eurovision Opening Ceremony Tonight

  1. Well I can safely say I won’t be watching, I find it somehow scary and kind of nauseous to watch kids singing in such shows especially in a competitive way, maybe it’s a reaction to years of Spanish reaction to singing kids in Spain, like they shoud be part of the singing culture and we have to endure them, in various guises, over many years! (eg Spain 79) blaaa!!

  2. Due to my big workload I haven’t been able to follow jesc closely this year. I took some time to listen to the songs and the level is in general elevated, even georgia dropped the big tasteless gimmicks.

    Given the new 100 % jury voting system I would say the most likely winners are Poland and (again) Malta.

  3. Apparently San Marino came up with an interesting proposal to solve the “televoting being the average of televoting of neighbouring countries” situation that caused their displeasure last year :

    Thet propose to set up a mock “televoting” where numerous common people (non music proffesionals) would gather up and vote for their favourites presumably through the eurovision app or some other method and that would be submitted as the televoting result.

    Not a bad idea imo.

  4. hey to everyone here. in Catalan and from Catalonia, regalo petons (I send kisses), and I miss you and comments :-)

  5. to consider a famous Catalan song as opposed to a famous Spanish song, unfortunately they are still unequal, in the end above would be considered anti-Spanish, thus am very confused myself!

  6. I’ve kinda grown out of Junior Eurovision, but from the songs I’ve heard Russia and Italy slay the pack.

  7. Jon Henrik Fjällgren is due to make a comeback at MF!I hope he’ll be bringing a great entry again.

  8. Will anyone be following JESC this afternoon ? It’s at 16:00 CET this year.

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