Georgia: Representative to be Chosen by National Final

flag_of_georgia-svgGeorgia – The Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) has announced that it will hold a televised national selection to choose its representative for ESC 2017, and the submission period for songs starts on Monday 7th November. Professional singers and groups should send their song (duration of 3 minute on CD format), a photograph and their biography from 7th November to 7th December 2016 to #68 Kostava Street or eurovision@gpb.ge.

Georgia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. It has finished 9th twice, in 2010 with Sopho Nizharadze and 2011 with Eldrine.

Source: GBP


25 comments on “Georgia: Representative to be Chosen by National Final

  1. jgufi yvela for ESC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or Jgufi Bani

  2. A Georgian NF! These do not happen every year. I will be paying attention. Good luck!

  3. Hopefully a NF of a much higher level than 2012…

  4. That’s not very encouraging I am afraid…If recent experiences with georgian nfs come to mind we are talking about low submission interest and low quality unfortunately..

  5. MF rumored comeback artists.Ace Wilder seems to be back again.lol:http://esctoday.com/138523/sweden-artists-reported-participate-melodifestivalen-2017

  6. Strangely enough, Georgia has become one of my favourite recent ESC countries. I’ve really liked all their three latest entries (yes, even 2014!). I hope they will stay on this track. Good luck.

    P.S. Is Thomas G:son still their official song revamper?

  7. The first Eesti Laul entry of the season:

  8. 2nd song:

  9. Good luck Georgia….

  10. I’m so happy Kerli is competing in Eesti Laul, like I never thought this would happen.

    btw i’m back guys :)

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