Belarus: Apply Now!

BelarusBelarus – Do you want to represent Belarus in Kyiv? Now’s your chance as applications are being accepted until 22nd of November from people of any nationality. Following that there will be live auditions, streamed again on the internet for our enjoyment at the end of the month. 

Last year really did give us some special moments. The jury will then select up to 15 acts to go through to the national final. This will take place before January 25th 2017 and will return to a 50/50 jury-televote split instead of the 100% televise that resulted in Ivan naked with his wolves last year. He failed to qualify for the grand final.

Some ET readers may not be pleased to hear that Alyona Lanskaya (2013) has announced she will enter again this year. She finished 16th place in 2013 with ‘Solayoh‘.

Belarus’ best finish was in 2007 with Dmitry Koldun singing ‘Work your magic‘.

If you want to enter, get your Google translate out and head over to the official website here.


5 comments on “Belarus: Apply Now!

  1. Que sera, sera! Good luck!

  2. “Some ET readers may not be pleased to hear that Alyona Lanskaya (2013) has announced she will enter again this year. ”


  3. I would not represent a country like Belarus for all the money in the world. Luckily my singing voice sucks anyway. LOL
    Just like every year, I am waiting for the first Belrussian ESC song I like. Dum spiro spero …

  4. jeje, feel at least I have singing voice, I’d love to send a song a kind of pirate song to Belarus, as in a voice from one of the many journalists/gay activists jailed there, to represent in English what they wanted to tell me,and I’d sing it from the rooftops to represent Belarus!!

  5. Elena Sinyavskaya MUST go to Kyiv! <3
    Smth like EPIC "Via lattea" pls!!!

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