Moldova: No National Selection Contest This Year?

moldovaMoldova – Another country struggling with budget is Moldova, and despite them still entering, the cuts may sadly mean they cannot hold a national selection this year. 

General Producer of the national broadcaster, Leonid Melnic, said the selection programme O melodie pentru Europa may not go ahead, and much of the decision may rest with who wins the upcoming Presidential election in the country.

O melodie pentru Europa has not been particularly successful in recent years, with Moldova failing to qualify for the final for the last three years.


21 comments on “Moldova: No National Selection Contest This Year?

  1. I’ll miss this quite singular and rather charming mess. Alas, they have chosen very weak entries for the past 3 years.
    My favourite Moldovan ESC entry is Nelly Ciobanu’s “Hora din Moldova” but I really like both Zdob și Zdub songs and Pasha’s entry too. Plus, the video clip of “Fight” is in my ESC video clip pantheon … or would be if I had such a thing. :)

  2. I wouldn’t mind Zsob si Zdub once again.

    It’s one of the relatively few really great rock bands to have participated in the contest (others include Mor ve Ötesi, The Ark and Young Georgian Lolitas). Otherwise they are often rather mainstream: nu metal, emo, goth, “poodle rock”, and those things are usually not really up my alley.

  3. I always try to follow this one, as you may know by now. Send Valeria Pasa who is a great live singer, but find her a good song first. Good luck!

  4. It may be a good idea tbh. This national final was never of great quality but it’s been degrading a lot recently to an embarassing degree. An internal selection may lead to more credible artists expressing interest.

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