Estonia: 242 Entries Received

EstoniaEstonia – In a last minute rush to deliver their songs, would be contestants found themselves starring in a live stream as EER filmed their drop offs! Some were recognisable as previous entrants… 

Amongst the 242 entries submitted were Rasmus Randvee (Eesti Laul 2013) and Daniel Levi (Eesti Laul 2016). Stig Rästa, who represented the country in ESC 2015 and wrote their entry last year, revealed in an interview that he and Vallo Kikas have also submitted a song again for this year.

The list of those that have been selected for Eesti Laul will be revealed on November 8th.

7 comments on “Estonia: 242 Entries Received

  1. Let’s hope Estonia chooses well and that after doing so, it won’t ruin the songs with the wrong stage presentation à la 2016. Good luck! :)

  2. Daniel Levi yesss ! This guy must get a chance in ESC for sure.

  3. I like all three returnees, but I mostly look forward for new names and interesting new comers! “Randajad” and “Siren” were both last minute entries after a song was DQ after all!

  4. And what about Sven Lõhmus? Will he promise for the 6th time that he is done with Eesti Laul and yet submits a new song? :p

    Good luck.

  5. I’m really hoping for an Estonian victory sometime soon

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