The Netherlands: O’G3NE to represent the Netherlands in Kyiv

og3ne-netherlands-smallThe Netherlands – National broadcaster AVROTROS has just announced that the girl trio O’G3NE have been selected internally to represent The Netherlands in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. 

The three sisters – Lisa (22) and twins Amy and Shelly Vol (21) represented the Netherlands at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Adem In, Adem Uit (Breath In, Breath Out), finishing 11th out of 17.

They recently won The Voice of Holland…

Is it a good choice?



84 comments on “The Netherlands: O’G3NE to represent the Netherlands in Kyiv

  1. Is it too early to call Barbara Dex…?

  2. I am not thrilled but still hope for the best. Good luck!

  3. They seem to be able to sing live; it all depends on the song now. Good luck! :)

  4. Waiting for Stommie’s view on this choice.

  5. Exciting to hear this second choice after Cyprus. What i have heard and understood these ladies has drive and passion for eurovision! So i just can’t wait to hear their song for contest. Well in anyhow best of luck to O’G3NE and Netherlands! So exciting times in eurovision world at the moment. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  6. As always it’s about songs for me, not the singers, but I do hope that Avrotros are aware that it doesn’t necessarily have to be country every bloody time (and I love “Calm After the Storm”).

  7. They seem like an underwhelming choice but i’ll wait for the song,Good luck!
    Eurovision,tv’s Halloween video:

  8. Not thrilled. I guess when we often say “among the West, Netherlands and Italy seem to be the most likely to win it next”, we’ll have to drop NL for 2017 (and consider Belgium as a good alternative, with Wallonia in the deal and two Top 10 results in a row).

  9. Eurovision.tv readers’ have voted for their favorite presenters of the 80’s and 90’s.90’s really that duo?

  10. Aminata won her battle at The Voice of Russia.Her opponent was Louis Armstrong’s grandson.lol

  11. Let’s wait for the song! there can be miricles!

  12. How on earth is this pronounced?! :P

  13. 43 countries in esc 2017:

    • B&H out,Romania and Portugal in,Australia is of course in again.:mad:

      • Australia for the win then I guess 2017!!

      • Well, they are improving. At least this time there isn’t a “surprise” March anouncement that actually surprises nobody. And Sand does say that they are not looking to expand to all sort of different places and acknowledges there are limits to the number of countries that can realistically participate. Perhaps having to go to a poorer country (but one that not only participates but always takes it seriously) proves to be a learning experience for them.

        • Yes,but he does say that they’re interested in bringing in the esc experience some new countries sometime in the future.

    • 44 countries the maximum to participate in the contest atm.

    • Pity we couldn’t quite hit the 44…..

    • Why does he only say that he is glad to welcome the Romanian broadcaster back but not the Portuguese broadcaster?
      I think that some broadcasters are more important to the ESC people than others. :(

  14. testing, testing 1,2,3!

  15. I dont know why ppl are that negative towards the choice, I think vocals are really good, I loved their performance of “Euphoria”, it was better than original IMO, now all depands on the composition..I think it can be promising!

  16. I shall wait to see what song they come up with but vocally they sound promising enough. Good luck Netherlands…..

  17. The 20 Eesti Laul semifinalists to be announced on November 8.

  18. The promo for the “Sarajevo calling” film:

  19. I hope that Romania keeps heading into the direction Voltaj showed and won’t return to those colourful and overdone plastic acts they are notorious for. Paula is a fine vocalist at least. I remember that she had a beautiful NF song with Provincialii before she went all over the top with Ovi.

  20. I am cautiously optimistic. They are very talented but they may get carried away especially in terms of stage presentation and go way over the top thus turning the whole thing to a novelty.
    They are amazing singers though and those vocal harmonies are impecable. That alone gives them a factor of memorability already.

    Good luck !

  21. Shit, I sort of remember that JESC song still!

    Too bad the JESC artists so far haven’t been much to write home about when it comes to grown-up Eurovision (like Serbia 2013 and Russia 2014). Hoping for a good change, though I can’t honestly say what I’m really expecting here. Good luck.

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