Cyprus: Hovig Demirjian is Confirmed for Kyiv!

hovig-cyprusCyprus – The Cypriot national broadcaster, CyBC, has confirmed that internal selection Hovig Demirjian will represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2017. Hovig is 27-year old and came to fame via The X Factor Greece in 2009 alongside Ivi Adamou

Hovig has Armenian heritage, and his song will be written by Thomas G:Son who wrote last year’s Cypriot entry by Minus One.

In 2015 Hovig finished 4th in Cyprus’s national final The Eurovision Song Project, with his song ‘Stone in a River‘…

Do you think he’s a good choice? Let us know in the comments!

31 comments on “Cyprus: Hovig Demirjian is Confirmed for Kyiv!

  1. Solid vocalist, and a good choice from Cyprus. He could get another song like “Stone in a River,” or bring something like “Yasou Maria,” which wouldn’t be that bad either ;)

  2. 12 points from Armenia and some points from diaspora! I don’t like Swedish composer’s choice but… Good luck Hovig jan😉

  3. Offtopic, but since we’re talking about G:son, I rewatched a lot of “old” NF and esc, and I came up with my personal favorite song of each season since 2005 when I started collecting all info on excel and all videos! I also redid MF…

    My favorite song for each season:
    2005 Sweden | “Håll om mig”, Nanne Grönvall (BoNF 4th)
    2006 Bosnia & Herzegovina | “Lejla”, Hari Mata Hari (BoNF winner)
    2007 Finland | “Anyone anymore”, Lovex (BoNF winner)
    2008 Sweden | “Lay your love on me”, BWO (BoNF winner)
    2009 France | “Et s’il fallait le faire”, Patricia Kaas (BoNF winner)
    2010 Estonia | “Siren”, Malcolm Lincoln (BoNF winner)
    2011 Denmark | “Hvad hjertet lever af”, Stine Kinck (BoNF 3rd)
    2012 Albania | “Suus”, Rona Nishliu (BoNF 2nd)
    2013 Sweden | “Paris”, Jay-Jay Johanson (BoNF 7th)
    2014 Norway | “Bensin”, Moi (BoNF 4th)
    2015 Belgium | “Rhythm inside”, Loïc Nottet (BoNF 2nd)
    2016 Estonia | “Seis”, Mick Pedaja (BoNF 2nd)
    So out of 12 editions, half of my winners are Nordic, and a fourth from Sweden! The other half are from Estonia (2), Balkans (Bosnia and Albania of course) and Western countries (France and Belgium). Only “big” NF countries missing are Serbia, Iceland, Germany and Latvia.

    My MF winners:
    2005 “Håll om mig”, Nanne Grönvall (2nd)
    2006 “Temple of love”, BWO (2nd)
    2007 “The worrying kind”, The Ark (1st)
    2008 “Lay your love on me”, BWO (3rd)
    2009 “Snälla, snälla”, Caroline Af Ugglas (2nd)
    2010 “Keep on walking”, Salem Al Fakir (2nd)
    2011 “My heart keeps refusing me”, Loreen (second chance)
    2012 “Soldiers”, Ülrik Munther (3rd)
    2013 “Paris”, Jay-Jay Johanson (last in its semifinal)
    2014 “Red”, Eko (last in its semifinal)
    2015 “Nonetheless”, Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen (last in its semifinal)
    2016 “If I were sorry”, Frans (1st)
    And I very rarely don’t like the winner (2010 and 2013 are the big exceptions, since I really didn’t like those at all)… but it’s true I used to see my fave song doing well, while it gave me disappointments a lot lately, Frans was a great winner imo!

    • Makes sense except for “Lay Your Love on Me” which I enjoy (and bought) despite knowing that it is trash. What can I do? Sometimes I love trash. LOL
      In 2015, I loved Marie & Sanne but nothing beats Emelie Irewald imo. <3

      • Hi I’m in Bonn now, I love it so much, it’s really among my fave places now.. I have been in Germany for a week now, for the first time..earlier I only traveled throug it..I have visisted Karlsruhe and Baden Baden.. :)

  4. His Greek diction is annoying.

  5. Meh but again it’s not like they have a plethora of choices!
    New song from Minus One :

  6. Another talent show singer… Anyway, I will have to wait for the song. With G:son it can go either way musically, as is the case of many of the other ESC songwriter legends (Kontopoulos, Siegel, Kempe, Cabble etc.).

  7. The content of this article is not exactly a good omen of things to come, but I am keeping an open mind. Good luck, Cyprus! :)

  8. So first artist has been selected and published, very interesting and exciting! Cyprus has made interesting choice. I just can’t wait and hear his song! In anyway best of luck to Hovig and Cyprus! And a new season of Eurovision Song Contest are now officially opened with this Cypriotic annoucement. :) http://jake.suntuubi.com/

  9. Good luck Cyprus…..

  10. Meh. Not too excited. He is not a bad singer but lacks some charisma imo. Having Thomans G:Son is a good thing but he has his not so great days as well (“Waterfall”).
    Way too early but I am afraid Cyprus may struggle.

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