Armenia: 12 More Artists Qualify

armeniaArmenia – Last night saw the second episode of Depi Evratesil broadcast and 12 more acts have progressed to the next round of the Armenian national selection process.  The judging panel consisted of Hayko (2007), Inga (2009 & 2015) & Anush(2009), Aram MP3 (2014), Essaï Altounian (2015) and Iveta Mukuchyan (2016).

The 12 qualifiers were: Sona Dunoyan, Julieta Grigoryan, Lyusin, Gevorg Harutyunyan, Marta Kirakosyan, Anna Danielyan, Albert Ghazaryan, Marissan, Aksel Baveyan, Lilit Harutyunyan,  Armenuhi Gasparyany and Artur Abgar.

You can watch the episode here:

4 comments on “Armenia: 12 More Artists Qualify

  1. Yesterday watched the show! Girls rock while guys suck biggest time !
    Lilit Harutunyan 3:31, Sona Dunoyan 22:07, Martha 1:02:44 and Anna Danielyan 55:55 were the best yesterday!

  2. I liked less than half of the qualifiers. My favourites of the “part 2” are Sona Dunoyan and Anna Danielyan. I’m still waiting for the winner, or hopefully they are going to improve their performances. :D

  3. The song posted at the Ukrainian online platform has a huge lead atm:

  4. Eleni Foureira released the song she intended to use in Stockholm if she was th eone selected

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