Armenia: 12 Artists Through to Next Round

armeniaArmenia – Last night saw the first episode of Depi Evratesil broadcast and 12 acts have progressed to the next round of the Armenia national selection process. The judging panel consisted of Hayko (2007), Inga (2009 & 2015) & Anush(2009), Aram MP3 (2014), Essaï Altounian (2015) and Iveta Mukuchyan (2016). 

The 12 qualifiers were: Saro Gevorgyan, Artsvik, Egine, Aleksandr Plato, Mary Mheryan, Vahe Aleksanyan, Mariam Yevriyan, Syuzanna Melkonyan, Amalya Margaryan, Kristina Avetisyan, Anna Sedrakyan and Only Girls band.


You can also find more information on the Depi Evratesil Facebook page here.

Watch the auditions of the 12 qualifiers here:



4 comments on “Armenia: 12 Artists Through to Next Round

  1. It’s just too early for me to follow NFs and I am not a fan of this type of shows. Good luck, Armenia!

    P.S. – please send something just as good or better than in 2016. Off to have a bica, now.

  2. I liked Amalya Margaryan, the girl who sung Gonna Make It, Vahe Aleksanyan and then the girl who sung A Woman’s Worth. I hated Egine. The best is yet to come

  3. If there weren’t some LOLs in the show it would be quite borring :) Iveta rocked saying Egine that she was singing auful and that she recived one more chance only because of her look. But the epic moment for me was at 1:12:00 and Aram’s face at 1:12:24 :)

    IMO Artsvik (1:18:00) and Anna Sedrakyan (1:13:00) were fine yesterday and may grow for ESC!

  4. Well, this wasn’t a bad as I was expecting haha. But still. Artsvik is easily the one with the most potential for ESC. I personally liked Amalya’s voice the most but I agreed with the judge’s that she seems to lack stage presence. Hoping for more established artists to show up.

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