Armenia: Selection Process Starts Tonight!

armeniaArmenia – Tonight sees the start of a lengthy 3-month process to choose Armenia’s representative for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. The new national selection process is called Depi Evratesil (To Eurovision). Former Armenia Eurovision artists make up the judging panel. The panel of Դեպի եվրատեսիլ consists of Hayko (2007), Inga (2009 & 2015) & Anush(2009), Aram MP3 (2014), Essaï Altounian (2015) and Iveta Mukuchyan (2016).

depi evratesil

Tonight the remaining auditionees from the 120 original entires will have to sing a cover version of a famous song.

You can watch it live here at 15.05 (CET)

22 comments on “Armenia: Selection Process Starts Tonight!

  1. Hope this was a good idea and it will be alikeable show. So far this show remindes me a superfinal of different Russian-Armenian-Ukrainian Voice, Xfactor editions … Also there are some singers taking part without huge local sucess:





    Well I’m not as hopeful like i was when the names of Aram MP3 or Iveta were revealed years ago ☺

  2. Good luck Armenia! :)

    Off-topic: The Stuttgart Opera has once again been crowned best opera in the German speaking countries. I will see ‘Rigoletto’ tonight. :) <3

      • ‘Rigoletto’ is not among my favourite operas but what I saw and heard tonight was probably the best production I have attended ever … and I have around 500 trips to the opera in my history book. Everything was on point: vocals, orchestra, stage, light. ‘Caro nome’ is one of those overused repertoire numbers but Lenneke Ruiten actually made me shed a tear or two. :)

        • Wow, am I glad to hear that! And so appropriate for best opera house in Germany. I’m jealous! I totally agree with your view of Rigoletto. It’s light weight. Looks like we both have operas of our life moment to start the season with 😃

          • There are some aspects of ‘Rigoletto’ I really love though. First of all, it is Verdi’s first through-composed opera, and thus it is a milestone on the way to his late masterpieces. And then there are the characters, who are all corrupt and decidedly not likeable. Verdi still uses belcanto but the beautiful melody does not reflect beautiful souls anymore. And then there is the irony of ‘La donna e mobile’ sung by the very mobile count whereas Gilda is the only non-mobile character around. Verdi was an absolute genius and his operas are among the most liberating cultural experiences the attentive connoisseur can enjoy imo. :)

            I recommend a weekend trip to Stuttgart. ;) You can visit the famous Staatsgalerie, Ludwigsburg Palace and Maulbronn Monastery and go to see ‘Rigoletto’ at night. :)

            • And you can test drive every possible AMG model as well!
              What a great analysis of Rigoletto and so very true. With a suberb production I wouldn’t miss it. After all, it might not be my cup of tea, but it’s still classic and I have listened to it lot when I started with opera. I love Don Carlos, then again who doesn’t, but you know my heart belongs to two Richards 😃

            • Well, you know that Don Carlos and Otello are my 2 favourite operas, and then comes everything belcanto, Rossini, Richard S., and Saint-Saëns’ ‘Samson et Dalila’. As for Wagner, I can accept the ‘Holländer’. Alas, everything else represents everything I do not like about my home country. :(

            • Holländer was my gate to Wagner and it has remained very dear to me. There will be a new production in Helsinki in December, looking forward into it so much.
              Thanks for the little night music. Fits perfectly with fire in fire place and candles, it’s autumn though a warm one.. I have to admit that I’m not too familiar with French opera. I have only seen Berlioz’s Les Troyens in ENO, the Terry Gilliam’s production. I loved it, it was a spectacle in every sense of the word, but it didn’t manage to ignite anything. Maybe I take closet look or should I say hear with Saint-Saens (sorry about the e, can’t find the right one) and Samson and Delila. Always so good to get to know new operas and composers. A never ending story 😃

            • G’night Hjallis. Great to know sb I can discuss opera and Swabian cars with. Plus, we won’t fight over men. :)

            • I know and like wise! Good night Toggie!

            • You should definitely check “Samson et Dalila” (my favourite opera of all time along with Ottelo :-). It features two of the most beautiful arias about falling in love ever written (“Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix” and “Printemps qui commence”) – made even more unsettling by the fact that it turns out they are not about love at all, but about deception (since Delilah is not interested in Sampson – she just wants to trap him).

              As far as french operas go, there is also a lot to be enjoyed in Gluck’s baroque extravaganzas like “Armide”.

            • Did you reply to my or to Hjallis comment? I have seen “Samson et Dalila” 5 times already and I am a big fan too. What you write about the arias makes perfect sense btw. :)
              My favourite Gluck opera is “Orfeo ed Euridice”.

            • It was a reply to Hjallis but there was no way to directly respond to his comment :-)

            • I started a new thread. WordPress is so cool with it’s old guard charms, but now it got a bit annoying 😃

        • we already had this convo together you and I, I’m just throwing this out there for everyone, but I seriously hate Verdi :o

  3. Good luck Armenia.

  4. Dear Toggie and Michos,
    As you both have praised Samson and gave me fantastic tastings, all I can do now, is to put it in my to do list this month. As you both know, I’m a die hard wagnerista, so II appreciate gesture even more. Or you are just a bit out of your mind 😃
    With guys like you, it’s always good to widen horizons and jump to unknown. Tackar och pockar 😃
    What you didn’t know, but you probably guessed that I really don’t think too highly of French classical music. It kind of started and ended with Debussy on piano in my teens.
    Then again there is first time to everything!

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