Eurovision 2017 Host City Revealed! It’s Kyiv!

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – At last the big announcement has finally been made after weeks of false starts and delays. Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the Ukrainian city of… Kyiv! We’ll bring you more news about the host city tonight.

10 comments on “Eurovision 2017 Host City Revealed! It’s Kyiv!

  1. Damn. Odessa was such a great choice :/

  2. OK, so this time the wolf did actually come.

    I don’t really mind if it is Kiev or Odessa, but thank God it’s not a football stadium or a shipyard.

  3. I am not surprised with this choice. Kyiv implies spending less money, I guess, because the infrastructure is already put in place. Odessa would have been a more interesting choice though. Good luck, Kyiv and Ukraine!

    P.S. – and now I have a working lunch followed by a long meeting.

  4. The decision had to do mostly with both cities level of readiness to host esc and the fact Kyiv will be a frugal choice.Odessa would have to build a roof for their football arena and then move this roof to another stadium.Kyiv’s international exhibition center will have a capacity of 12-000-14000 spectators.Sweden will step in to help NTU with the organization of the contest.

  5. All this drama to end up with Kyiv really ? Good luck !

    P.S. I do hope the rest of the organizing process has significantly less drama..

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