Are You Planning Your Trip to Kyiv?

kyivEurovision 2017 – Today we finally found out that Eurovision 2017 would be hosted in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv. Eurovision fans immediately started to book up hotels and flights so here’s a quick guide for anyone making initial plans… 

When: The Eurovision 2017 semi-finals will take place on Tuesday 9 and Thursday 11 May, with the grand final on Saturday 13 May.

Where: The International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, the largest venue of its kind in Ukraine with capacity for 11,000 spectators.


How to get there: Kyiv has 2 international airports, Boryspil Airport and Zhulyany Airport (Budget airlines Wizz Air and Bravo Avia). Check out Skyscanner.net for flight prices. Example flight prices… London to Kyiv starts at just €120 return. Amsterdam to Kyiv €180 return. EU citizens do not need a visa. Skybus is the usual way to travel between Boryspil International Airport (63uah, 45 minutes to one hour) and Kyiv. Buses depart from behind Kyiv train station’s South Terminal every 15 minutes during the day and half-hourly at night.

Where to stay: Hotels are selling out fast for Eurovision week but you can still get good deals on Booking.com. A bed in a dorm starts as little as €3 per night!  Double rooms for the week start at about €60 for the week.

What to wear: The temperature in Kyiv in May on average is 15 degrees although can get up to 20 degrees. So bring a jumper for the evenings.

What to see: Lined with horse chestnut trees, Kyiv has two botanical gardens, several monuments, many museums and lots of beautiful churches. Check out wikitravel.


What do I spend:
 The Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) is the currency of Ukraine.
35 UAH = £1.00, and 30UAH = 1,00€

How to get around: Kyiv has a metro system as well as buses and minibuses, trolleybuses, trams, taxi and funicular.

What will I eat: Borshch is a vegetable soup made out of beets, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, dill. Then there’s dumplings.  And McDonalds (yes they’re there of course).

Who else will be there: The population of Kyiv in 2015 was 2,887,974 making Kyiv the 8th most populous city in Europe. Plus tens of thousand Eurovision fans, delegations and crew!

How to get tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest: Tickets for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest are not expected to go on sale before the end of 2016. Eurovision Times will tell you about selling arrangements as soon as we know.


29 comments on “Are You Planning Your Trip to Kyiv?

  1. Off topic : Aminata participated in the voice of Russia and Polina Gagarina chose her for her team ! Esc 2015 reunion there (although Aminata should be the mentor but anyway..)

    • Depends … if Aminata wants to learn how to do dull, conventional and syrupy, Polina is a great choice!

        • Interesting that the only ones who turned were the two ESC participants, Polina and Dima. And she is the one who chose Polina.

          I don’t understand what someone who has participated in ESC and finished quite high is doing in a talent show. Do they need more exposure? She is probably taking the place of someone who needs it more than her.

          • The Voice has huge ratings so maybe she wants to become more popular in Russia and sign a contract with a label there.

            • Eurovision is also quite huge ratings-wise in Russia, otherwise Dima and Polina wouldn’t be two of the judges. If she hasn’t succeded with all the exposure she already got there, I don’t see what more the Voice can give her. It just seems that people like Aminata and Polina are making careers being fixtures of the talent-show circuit.

      • But they both showed us at ESC great vocal abilities, I slightly prefer Aminata’s entry as a song and composition, but they both were fantastic vocalists! :)

  2. As every year, I will be at my parents’ ESC party. :)

  3. Flying above Ukraine statisticly is not safe…. I’ve got plane-fobia but…. I don’t need Visa for visitint to Ukraine so I’ll think about it!

  4. Amir’s video for his new single “On dirait”:

  5. In short: No.

    I get much more from watching the contest on television than live in the hall. For several reasons. Most importantly it is a rather flat experience going to a concert where all instruments are playback; it spoils the whole point of concerts.

    Secondly, the audience culture is way too much like football nowadays, you are expected to “make some noise” – be going nuts and “yeeeeah”. I prefer sitting still listening and watching musicians play.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Making music is a handcraft first and foremost imo. Alas, ESC has become a bit like what I imagine party areas on Mallorca, in Benidorm etc. to be like. (I don’t have any on site experience though.)
      My favourite moment out of all concerts I have been to was when Cristina Branco gave a concert in here in LuBu some years ago. The music became so quiet and fragile yet full of suspense that people did not dare breathe or move anymore. It felt a bit like hypnosis, and a few seconds after the song had finished, applause broke lose like a volcanic eruption. :)

  6. I would consider going to Odessa if that was Ukraine’s choice for hosting. I have been in the live audience once in 2006, and it was quite interesting from the point of view of watching how the mechanics of the show come together behind the cameras. But it is first and foremost a television event rather than a live concert and I do agree that is is better enjoyed at home. I have to say though that you understand much better who is a good live singer inside the hall rather than in front of the TV.

  7. France 2 opts for internal selection again.Submissions open till November 30.

  8. German NF with its revamped format on February 9.Focus on young artists.30 will make it to the final phase and 5 of them will be picked for the final where they’ll be given songs written by German and foreign songwriters.Lena will be a member of the jury panel.Televoting only will decide who wins the ticket to Kyiv.

  9. (flop)Argo released a new single after their esc…adventure.She can’t even sing in studio version:

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