Eurovision 2017: Host City to be Announced Tomorrow

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – A press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow at 12.00 (CET) to announce the winning Ukrainian city that will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Again.  After the last minute cancellation last time, we’ll try again to get a result tomorrow. 

You’ll be able to follow the announcement live on youtube with English commentary here:

Will it be Kyiv or Odessa?

4 comments on “Eurovision 2017: Host City to be Announced Tomorrow

  1. It’s beginning to remind me of the release of “Chinese Democracy” by Guns’N Roses…

    • … which was delayed again and again because there was always a small detail in the mixing that could be done better. Meaning that after some years, people didn’t believe it anymore when they said that “NOW it is coming”.

      In other words, I will see it for my own eyes if the host city IS actually announced tomorrow.

      • The boy who cried wolf. But tomorrow it’ll be the truth. :)
        I think it’s going to be Odesa/Odessa, but hopefully the best place for the Ukranians and the fans who are going there will be chosen (this doesn’t mean it is one or another).

  2. It’s Kyiv 2017!

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