Join in the Eurovision Prediction 2017 Competition

eurovision prediction 2017 smallEurovision Prediction – Our good friends at W12P may no longer be broadcasting their Eurovision radio show (sadly) but their much loved Eurovision Prediction segment goes on! Eurovision Prediction is so easy to play, but it does require you to be ‘on-the-ball’ and a consistent predictor! Only the best Eurovision Predictor will walk away victorious!

A couple of days before each national final, a tweet and a Facebook message will be sent from the Eurovision Prediction social media profiles (@escprediction and www.facebook.com/escprediction respectively) opening that country’s round. For example, here’s a tweet from last year’s game:

eurovision prediction tweet

Here you can see that they’ve specified the country, the deadline to submit predictions and of course, how you can predict. The deadline is always one hour before the national final gets underway.

To predict, you must send an email to eurovisionprediction@hotmail.com stating clearly;

  • Who you think the winner of this national final will be, e.g. Barei, Xuso, Maria Isabel etc.
  • The country this national final belongs to, so in this case; Spain.
  • Your Twitter handle. In the instance that you don’t have a Twitter handle, please specify your full name.

Fancy playing? You can read the full rules HERE.

Let’s see if one of the ET regulars can win the contest this year!

eurovision prediction 2017

2 comments on “Join in the Eurovision Prediction 2017 Competition

  1. I think San Marino will send Irol MC. Why else would they choose him as the 2016 spokesperson?

  2. It’s a great idea but I don’t do FB and Twitter …

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