Sweden: First Melodifestivalen Entry Known

swedenSweden – Each year one place in the Swedish national selection Melodifestivalen is reserved for an entrant of the Svensktoppen Nästa competition. We know who that will be already, so we have our first entrant for ESC 2017! Unfortunately we don’t know the song yet as the winner has to come up with another song for Melodifestivalen. So who will we be seeing? It’s indie-pop band Les Gordons  from the city of Örebro. They performed in Svensktoppen Nästa last week in the city of Linköping with the song ‘Need to Feel’.

Speaking after their win the band said that they had not expected to be chosen for Melodifestivalen. They said they would be themselves, do their stuff and hopefully have an advantage as the different wildcard act.

Les Gordons did not win the public vote, which does not bode well however. After a jury / public SMS vote, the two finalists were Jimmy Ottosson with the song ‘Rising Rivers’ (listen here) and Noomi with ‘Intoxicated’ (listen here).

Despite this, the jury, led by SVT’s Christer Björkman then decided to offer the ticket to Melodifestivalen to one of the other 8 finalists, Les Gordons.

Source: SVT

5 comments on “Sweden: First Melodifestivalen Entry Known

  1. Obviously depends on the song but isn’t usual Melfest fodder. Naomi was more the style they’re used to. I like Noomi and Jimmy. Singer of Les Gordons is charismatic though.

  2. They sound ok I guess nothing too exciting. It all depends on the song.

    Good luck !

  3. Surprising choice. :)

  4. Poland won eurovision young musicians tonight followed by Czech Republic 2nd and Austria 3rd.

  5. It’s smth different for MF, but they don’t have chance there, me thinks..

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