Ukraine: Selection Process Announced… Apply Now!

ukraineUkraine – The national selection process for Ukraine has been announced today. Ukraine’s representative will go directly into the Grand Final as host of next year’s contest. As previously, there will be live auditions in 6 different regions: Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and Kyiv.

NTU/STB will pick 20-40 acts to go through to the selection process, and these will be announced on 31st January 2017. There will then be 3-4 semi-finals in February. The top 2 or 3 artists selected by public/jury will go through to the grand final, also to be held by the end of February.

You can apply online here between 19th November 2016 and 15th January 2017. There appears to be no requirement for Ukrainian nationality.

Newly added for this year however is the online wildcard entry. (It worked so well for Switzerland…) You can upload your song online from today until 10th January 2017 and the public will vote. The winner will go directly into the final.

The last time Ukraine hosted the contest their entry GreenJolly finished a lowly 19th place…

Source: STB

12 comments on “Ukraine: Selection Process Announced… Apply Now!

  1. I have a feeling it will be great NF! I hope to see The Hardkiss there! they were my ultimate faves in 2016 NF!

    It will be interesting to see Russia in Kyiv in 2017, they already conformed participation! :D

    I’d like to see Yulia Savicheva again in ESC, with rapper Dzigan, representing Russia in Kyiv! <3

    Their duet is WONDERFUL! :)

    • Hi Marko, I hope that you are fine. :)

      • Hi, Im fine! I will visit Germany in the end of October, I am going to visit my causin who is in Karlsruhe for master studies! :) I plan to visit Luxembourg for weekend then, its my wish for some time..maye Strasbourg and Stuttgart! :)
        I bought cheap tickets from Belgrade to Baden Baden Karlsruhe airport (new line from May this year by Wizz air company)! :)

        • Great! You’ll be very close then. :)
          I am off to the Greek Islands in 2 weeks. Can’t wait … LOL
          Let’s hope that you’ll still have fine weather in October, which can be very beautiful here in the South-West. Btw, my sis studied in Karlsruhe too. :)
          And if you are in Karlsruhe … don’t miss Maulbronn Monastery. <3

  2. Greenjolly’s entry from 2005 has never been a personal favourite of mine, among other things because I normally don’t like rap. However, it does contain a nice freshness which has been missing in some of Ukraine’s more opulent and overproduced entries (e.g. “Shady Lady”, “Be My Valentine” or “Tick Tock”). Therefore I have always found it odd that it scored so badly.

  3. Mikael Saari said in an interview today that UMK has ended for him as a performing artist but he intends to make a comeback as a songwriter. :cry:

    • I can understand him though. He was robbed by ridiculous acts twice. UMK sucks big time!

      • Indeed!The UMK in general is in steep decline.The whole idea of this jury of hairdressers,taxi drivers etc is a farce.It began as a very promising selection process and it ended up being a joke.

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