Happy Eurovision New Year!

septemberEurovision 2017 – It’s September 1st, which as any Eurovision fan knows, means it’s officially the start of next year’s contest as from today songs for the contest can be published! We may not know where we’re going or when officially, but between now and sometime in May, somewhere in Ukraine, we’ll be looking forward to the 40+ songs that will be released to battle it out at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

Who’ll be first to announce? Who’ll be last? Who’ll have the worst selection procedure? Will Riga Beaver be the star of the pre-season? How many Super Saturdays will there be? Will Russia throw the kitchen sink at it this year?

It’s time to sit back and start the 2017 ride. ET is back in business from today with its daily updates, bringing you all the news on selections, the contest arrangements and rumours.

Europe (and Australia. And China?)… Let the Eurovision Song Contest Pre-season begin!

eurovision ukraine 2017

6 comments on “Happy Eurovision New Year!

  1. I must admit that I always view May-August 31st as ‘pre-season’, with now ‘the start of the season’ and the Eurovision Final as the ‘final Saturday’…

    It fits better with my equating Eurovision with football seasons!

  2. Happy Eurovision New Year, everyone!

    Sorry for my lack of input in recent months – been a bit snowed under with other things. Promise to try harder!

  3. Here we are once again. I am hoping for good songs from every participating country.

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