Finnish Eurovision Wannabe Tries Out on UK XFactor

saara aalto xfactorFinland – Eurovision fans spotted a familiar face on last night’s UK Factor auditions. Finland’s Saara Aalto, who nearly qualified to represent Finland last year, won the XFactor judges over with a version of Sia’s Chandelier. The Finnish singer who came 2nd in The Voice Finland, won the televote and was placed second overall in last year’s UMK with ‘No Fear‘:

Congratulations to Saara for her great audition and also for her engagement to her girlfriend, which she also announced this weekend.

9 comments on “Finnish Eurovision Wannabe Tries Out on UK XFactor

  1. Congratulations to Saara on her engagement and good luck in the X Factor.

  2. People are talking today about how Britney Spears copied Greta Salome’s esc performance:

    • I mean other then the hands, its totally different tbh :P

      Btw I think we will never see Britney sing live again, well if she ever did that is XD

      • Yes,i was referring to the first part of her performance which was awkward and sort of embarrassing as a whole.

        • Well as the hands were better constructed in the icelandic entry I dont know what all the fuzz was about :P
          I didn’t mind it that much, but I mean with the money and artistry they should have in America it was way below average yes

  3. Go Saara!I’m sure the entire esc community is behind you.You’re one of us. <3

  4. Too good for X Factor?

  5. I’ve fallen for Ms. Aalto’s singing voice back in 2011 when should have won the Finnish NF with ‘Blessed with love’. Saara is not an innovative artist, but what she does oozes talent. Good luck!

    P.S. – Congratulations!

  6. This video is going super viral right now. It has over 1 mil views in few days and according to youtube it is the most viewed video here in Sweden these days.
    Saara Alto may be up to something good.

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