Eurovision 2016: Recriminations, Accusations and Football Clashes

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2016 – Eurovision fans are still frustratedly watching events in Ukraine as the latest postponement of the announcement of the winning city has resulted in recriminations and accusations. 

No-one could believe The EBU’s Jon Ola Sand last week when he announced they needed more time. Considering an hour earlier they were due to announce the winner, Eurovision fans are cynical as to the reason given for the latest postponement.

It appears funding is now not an an issue, so the main three concerns remaining appear to be proximity to the annexed Crimea, the provision of a suitable venue that does not need a lot of restoration work and many, internal Ukrainian politics. Odessa, which seemed to be the favourite last week, has issues with two of these matters.

odessa stadium

It appears that the football UEFA Europa League draw may have also thrown a spanner in the works for Odessa. Zorya Luhansk of Ukraine have been drawn in are in Group A along with Manchester United (England), Feyenoord (Netherlands) and Fenerbahçe (Turkey). The problem is their old ground was bombed and they are currently playing at Odessa’s Chornomorets stadium. The rules for the Football mean they must host all their home games there unless there are extreme circumstances… meaning the work required to install a roof as proposed to the EBU for the Song Contest venue may not be able to take place in time. If by some miracle Zorya Luhansk qualified for the group (very unlikely, but possible), it would mess everything up.

Since the latest postponement, many Ukrainian politicians have voiced their anger and concern about the continued delays.

Vitali Klitschko, the Mayor of Kyiv has called for full transparency on the criteria and how the city will be chosen and said on his blog ‘No games are worth the reputation of the country’. This seems to have fallen on deaf ears however as the leader of the leader of the  Za zhittya political party, Vadim Rabinovich, had now added fuel to the fire effectively blackmailing Prime-Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groismanby, saying he and other MPs will not vote for any of the president’s proposed laws unless the contest is awarded to Odessa.

Who says Eurovision isn’t political?!

Culture Minister of Ukraine Ievhen Nyshchuk says that they now hope to announce the winning city at the beginning of September and that the delay doesn’t interfere with plans of the organisation of the contest.

12 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Recriminations, Accusations and Football Clashes

  1. If the public hadn’t voted for such crap, the situation of location in such a politically problematic country would never have arisen! Amen

  2. I say give them a break. They have a lot of problems but I am sure in the end they are going to see this through with flying colours. At least they do give a damn about the contest and have staked their country’s reputation on it, unlike some richer and less “problematic” countries. By the way it should be a song contest, not a let’s-pick-the-best-host contest.

  3. And I am longing for the good old days when the contest was just held in an auditorium or a concert hall. It made the whole thing more down-to-earth and the production less opulent.

    I wish we would return to that someday. It would be much easier to find a venue fit for the contest, and we won’t need all these expensive renovations of stadiums or shipyards or whatever. The amount of money spent on renovating them have been completely out of proportions. Let the football teams have their stadiums for themselves.

    I have never really felt comfortable with the “mega event” dimensions that the contest has taken since 2000.

  4. In any case, it is sad to learn that there are so many conflicts involved in the bidding phase this time :(

    Hope they find a solution.

  5. I am still so greatful that art instead of plastic won this year. Therefore, I am more than willing to wait some more.
    On all other aspects, I agree with The Anders. But since ESC is a huuuuge marketing thing aiming to go global these days, downsizing won’t happen. ESC will probably grow and grow and grow … and then explode one day. LOL

  6. Up until about 2000, it was almost impossible to find any products related to ESC, and what was available was always difficult to find and/or purchase. Until then, I always felt Eurovision was missing out on a potentially huge market of passionate fans desperate for news, info, ESC products, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. Looks like ESC finally saw the potential too (check out the link for just about any product)…….and I believe it is one of the reasons it has grown at such speed.
    Other countries (outside of Europe) look on at this spectacle and are envious to take part. I believe the contest will only get even bigger (not just inside Europe) but further afield which is why I believe Australia has been asked to participate in the last couple of years (and probably again in 2017).
    I think it’s only a short matter of time before we see the much talked about Asiavision (with Australia leading the way with what they’ve learned on the production side). Who’s to say we wont also be seeing an Africavision, Americavision and eventually a Worldvision (possibly with top 5 winners from each regional “vision” taking part).
    Make no mistake, the ESC is now, one massive marketing business and they must be raking in huge profits from their merchandise and productions, as you’d expect of a successful business.
    As for Ukraine, they want to get it right and I’m happy to wait so long as they do “get it right”. Whichever venue they choose will still be a massive success.
    Music taste?……….some years you get the winner you liked the most, some years you dont. That’s the nature of the contest! No point having a strop every year because our favourite didnt win.


  7. They now say that the Ukrainian PM Volodymyr Groisman will have the final say on who’s going to host esc 2017.I don’t think EBU will like that.

  8. There isn’t some hall (expo, etc) in Ukraine? I find that hard to believe.

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