ETSC 6 – The Results Tonight!

ETSC August 2016ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! 45 of you entered for the August 2016 edition and the voting went on for ten days! The results are coming tonight!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sort of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past four years. Two years ago, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that was it: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

After a first round open for people to sign up with a country and send a song, we got 45 people in, with a few of our regulars missing (Cathal, Mermaid, Jade, Hulluna, Stommie) but still newbies joining! Hopefully, they all will make appearances in comments. But also some people who returned from last summer and from FDLC (Mylor, Ren, Daniel…). Songs were revealed ten days ago, using a random draw with my computer. I also made personal postcards for each entry which will be revealed along with the songs. Everyone can still request to see their own postcards in full size. You can click on the picture below to listen to the songs again:


It was two weeks ago that we discovered each song individually in a dramatic night reveal-show. And after that, each of the 44 players cast a vote. All votes are now in and we have a winner (also a full ranking, obviously). So gather around, for “ETSC 6, August 2016″ is about to come to an end!

This sixth event is officially hosted in Jerusalem, Israel after “Gold Shadow” by Asaf Avidan won “ETSC 5, July2016″. A somewhat innovative host, as it’ll be entirely animated by Ari Folman‘s work! The venue is the Al-Hakawati Theater:

Now, all you need to do is get ready and prepared. The votes will be revealed one by one, following the random draw in which the songs were presented (so from Israel to Albania). One vote at a time, with a few minutes in between to give enough time for people to react, predict, comment, discuss. Also, if the person is around, he can, if he wishes to, explain a bit further his votes, what he thought of the songs. The votes are all on a scoreboard, to not reveal too much for people who can’t make it tonight, and you’ll see links for them in this page (so you’ll need to refresh often).

Votes start very soon!

Vote 1  Israel Israel
Vote 2  Ukraine Ukraine
Vote 3  Netherlands Netherlands
Vote 4  Cyprus Cyprus
Vote 5  Germany Germany
Vote 6  UK United-Kingdom
Vote 7  Armenia Armenia
Vote 8  Spain Spain
Vote 9  Hungary Hungary
Vote 10  Serbia Serbia
Vote 11  Macedonia Macedonia
Vote 12  Latvia Latvia
Vote 13   Tunisia
Vote 14   Lebanon
Vote 15  Ireland Ireland
Vote 16  France France
Vote 17  Italy Italy
Vote 18  Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Vote 19  Denmark Denmark
Vote 20   Algeria
Vote 21  Romania Romania
Vote 22  Belarus 28 Belarus
Vote 23  Norway Norway
Vote 24  Greece Greece
Vote 25  Slovakia Slovakia
Vote 26   Andorra
Vote 27  Turkey Turkey
Vote 28  Estonia Estonia
Vote 29  Belgium Belgium
Vote 30   Morocco
Vote 31  Bosnia-Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina
Vote 32  Switzerland Switzerland
Vote 33  Finland Finland
Vote 34  Slovenia Slovenia
Vote 35  Lithuania Lithuania
Vote 36  Iceland Iceland
Vote 37  Sweden Sweden
Vote 38  Poland Poland
Vote 39  Malta Malta
Vote 40  Portugal Portugal
Vote 41  Austria Austria
Vote 42  Croatia Croatia
Vote 43  Russia Russia
Vote 44  Georgia Georgia
Vote 45  Albania Albania

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2,090 comments on “ETSC 6 – The Results Tonight!

  1. Wow seriously guys is this drama and all these accusations really nesseccary?? Morgan has put a lot of his time and effort making this contest a reality for you! Please remember that! Congratz yet again to Denmark and Marc P for the win :) and also congratulations to Spain for a very worthy second placer!

  2. Very low honestly…

  3. I participated in this contest because I’m interested in new music (and I’m sure I will participate in FdlC as well) and after two contests I’m already super satisfied about the great songs I got to know although I didn’t exactly succeed with my 41st and my 19th place. Who the hell cares about the outcome? Nobody has earned anything and nobody will ever receive a price, so relax :)

  4. satisfied with*
    It’s too late at night ~.~

  5. It is important to remember that this is a contest of individuals who put a lot of effort in their selection of songs. And so discussions about the fairness of the voting will naturally become very personal. One thing is discussing f.e. the fairness of the ESC voting, but it’s certainly a different kind of beast when the actual people involved are you and me. Please remember that.

    If someone feels there are issues about the contest that need to be addressed – whatever these issues may be – it is goddamn important how they are addressed. Diplomacy is needed, and I believe it will be better to discuss it with Morgan in privacy rather than bringing it up directly in a thread for all to read.

  6. I really do not waste my time observing who gave who how many points in which contest. I didn’t even know who presented which country in this contest as I really didn’t care and I wasn’t biased at all. So maybe a blind audition would be better, so nobody can be suspected of voting only for their friends or whatever. It would also give Morgan and the others further material to discuss and gossip about… just to guess who sent which entry. ;)

    • Thing is there can’t be blind edition. Certain HoDs have others’ FB and skype acounts…

    • I agree with you, i dont keep track or pay attention of who voted who, so that I dont have clear picture that there is actually voting block here. Even I really dont care who plays what countries, like I said in many comment posts like “Thank you Ukraine, who played Ukraine?” where I actually give point to Ukraine as well. It makes me feel better and unbiased when I dont really care whom I voted for. It’s already a blind ETSC for me.

      Except for Armenia, I know it’s Avat, and coincidentally I have voted for all of his ETSC, but trust me I dont know him in person, neither interact much with him in this forum.

    • Neither do I; I still do not know who sent some of the songs I gave points to.

  7. This happened in Rio tonight and it sums up perfectly the ETSC#6 results night too:

  8. Well you can’t avoid that people get to know each other in such a community.
    Anyway, it is a pity that people really have to argue so much about something this unimportant… At the end of the day, it’s only a game.

    • I tend to disagree. It should not only be a game. It should be about fair play too.
      I would have hated to be in Matt’s place tonight! (Losing a well deserved victory that is, just because people use the “same taste” criteria AND always vote for their friends!

      • Funny, every time I rebuke your nonsense you just move your whining somewhere else. Still waiting to for you to show how I am supossed to like Spain.


  9. I’ve just read the phrase “whiny shit” as description of a well-respected and longtime membre’s online contest entries here. I always thought that we respected each other’s tastes here but obviously I was wrong. I could have never imagined that we’d stoop so low. Seeing ET in such a state because some people think that they are entitled to say anything makes my heart break because I have dearly loved this space for many year. However, a red line has been crossed tonight and there won’t be a return unless there is a restart. Calling other peoples’ choices “whiny shit” and writing even worse stuff (worse than Max, who was banned, has ever done) leaves me utterly speechless and a sad middle-aged man.

  10. I am on moderation now. LOL

  11. There’s been a lot of drama tonight but I honestly don’t care – when people try to take advantage of situations to further their own agenda and sugar coat their missteps by pointing at me I have to speak up :

    If someone does not want to be called racist, they should probably stop saying racist stuff for example that a legendary multi-olympic champion gets coverage for being an immigrant or an olympic record breaker, twice olympic medalist gets coverage for being gay – this rhetoric is used by far right groups in the US and Europe to further their human hating agenda. If you decide to use it, it’s not my fault for calling a spade a spade.

    I hope that is clear enough cause I am not willing any further to take shit from the usual suspects.

    The people who are mainly responsible for making FDLC an unwelcoming cesspool of constant demands, whining and bullying should learn to APOLOGIZE at some point and restrain themselves FINALLY.

  12. Good morning, everyone. I’ve just returned from a walk in the mountains. This must have been thrilling last night. I am so sorry to have missed it. Congratulations, Denmark, Spain and France! Thanks very much for all the points awarded to Algeria!

    P.S. – I do not know what happened last night yet, but I am already sad.

  13. I have glanced through the comments. I am speechless (some of the things that were said were the low point of my stay here). I do not want anyone to leave, but if somebody thinks that this site does not deserve their time, then do so. Personally, I love ETSC and I will continue to be present.

    Thank you for all your work, Morgan. I still cannot believe that my top 2 songs were the final top 2 songs! I love both songs and am happy with the final result. I know I vote for songs I love or like and not for who sends them; I hope everyone does the same.

  14. Macedonia was 32nd and Portugal ETSC 5 was 30th. Dance tracks are doomed in ETSC. 😂

  15. Its a big well done then for Denmark! I want to say that I am quite upset at how badly Malta performed in this edition,we achieved yet another bottom result hardly topping our result from etsc5. Its very discouraging to send what I believe to be good songs and fail, we got a lot of good comments, I really expected it would be top 20!

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