Denis Čabrić Sadly Passes Away

Denis ČabrićFormer participants – Sad news that Denis Čabrić, bassist of the band Regina (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2009) has passed away aged only 49 years old because of a heart attack. Our thoughts to his family and friends from the Eurovision family at this time. 


16 comments on “Denis Čabrić Sadly Passes Away

  1. “Bistra voda” has been securely inside the naos of my ESC pantheon ever since it was performed back in 2009. Thank you and R.I.P.

  2. R.I.P. and thank you.

  3. May he rest in peace.

    “Bistra voda” is not a big personal favourite of mine, but it is clearly one of the better songs in 2009.

  4. Sad news!
    Bistra Voda is my 4th for 2009 following the unbeatable trio of EST-FRA-ISL

  5. May he rest in peace. Its extremely devestating when people die at such young age.

    “Bistra Voda” was one of my least favourite songs in the 2009 very strong edition but thats beyond the point today


  6. Tragic news and what an untimely death. :( “Bistra Voda”along with “Randajad” is my favorite entry from the amazing 2009 edition.

  7. My latest ranking of ESC 2009.

    12/12 France
    10/12 Portugal, Armenia, Estonia
    9/12 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Norway
    8/12 Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, United Kingdom
    7/12 Czech Republic, Serbia, Iceland, Russia, Moldova, Germany
    6/12 Andorra, Switzerland, Macedonia, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Israel, Croatia, Denmark, Ukraine, Finland
    5/12 Montenegro, Belgium, Belarus, Slovenia, Sweden, Greece, Albania
    4/12 Cyprus, Hungary, Spain
    3/12 Slovakia, Romania
    2/12 Bulgaria, Netherlands
    Average: 6,33

  8. Bistra voda is among the very good reasons to love Balkans in ESC.
    Thank you and rest in peace.

  9. Really sad news.
    May he rest in peace.

    Bistra Voda is among my 10 most favourite eurovision songs ever, as i have said many times before, and my #1 for 2009 (which i consider one of the best editions ever), followed by France.

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