ETSC 6: Get to know the songs!

ETSC August 2016ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! 45 of you entered for the August 2016 edition and a random draw was made Sunday! Discover the songs live tonight!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sort of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past four years. Two years ago, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that was it: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

After a first round open for people to sign up with a country and send a song, we got 45 people in, with a few of our regulars missing (Cathal, Mermaid, Jade, Hulluna, Stommie) but still newbies joining! Hopefully, they all will make appearances in comments. But also some people who returned from last summer and from FDLC (Mylor, Ren, Daniel…). Songs will be revealed Tuesday night. In the meantime, to keep us busy, I made a random draw with my computer. I also made personal postcards for each entry which will be revealed along with the songs. Everyone can still request to see their own postcards in full size.


Here are a few facts about the 45 entries:

  • This is a rather well spread out contest: 30 female vocals / 15 male vocals, even though a lot of entries have a male DJ artist “featuring” a singer (no less than 3 times), plus 3 duetts with a DJ and a girl singing! Still, a domination for female vocals, with 6 male groups and 9 male vocalists only, less than a third! Last surprising bit, 2 female duos follow one another in the draw!
  • Well just like in the Eurovision Song Contest, English has won us over… but we’re going backwards from ETSC5’s record of 28 songs in English with only 21 this time around (including Ireland, United-Kingdom and Malta) have English in their lyrics (at least partially for 1), 4 songs in serbo-croat (an ETSC record), we keep the now tradition of 1 song in French in the edition and the rest is as follows: 2 in Spanish, 1 in Albanian, 1 in Arabic, 1 in Armenian, 1 in Azerbaijani, 1 in Enochian, 1 in Estonian, 1 in Finnish, 1 in Greek, 1 in Hungarian, 1 in Italian, 1 in Lithuanian, 1 in Norwegian (a first in ETSC!), 1 in Portuguese, 1 in Romanian, 1 in Russian, 1 in Slovakian, 1 in Turkish and 1 in Ukrainian.
  • Besides a lot of electro-pop, electronic, darkwave, pop, folk, ethnic, rock and ballads are all present!
  • On the other hand, 1 artist did Eurovision and 6 artists did a NF! However, another one won Eurovision somehow, and another one won FDLC!
  • And the last twist, one of the artists has a very famous song that has the same title as another artist in this year’s ETSC! Who knew?

Before the show starts, we get the live reprise of the winning song:

Can we beat last year’s editions in comments? ETSC 1 had 1,090 comments and ETSC 2 went all the way to 1,607 comments! We thought we reached our best when ETSC 3 ended at 1,686 comments but ETSC 4 went insane and we had 2,581 comments! ETSC 5 “only” reached 1952, so… We’ll see! Now to listen to the songs, you need to click on the song title. You can see the full postcard when it’s uploaded, stay tune:

1 01 Israel  Israel


Ester Rada Life Happens
2 02 Ukraine Ukraine Vivienne Mort  Ti Zabuv Pro Mene
3 03 Netherlands Netherlands Causes  Teach Me How To Dance With You
4 04 Cyprus Cyprus Alexia Vassiliou  Makari Na Me Gnoriza Tote
5 05 Germany Germany Zedd feat. Kesha True Colors
6 06 United-Kingdom United-Kingdom Benjamin Clementine London
7 07 Armenia Armenia Artem Valter Mut Gisher E
8 08 Spain Spain Diana Navarro El Perdon
9 09 Hungary Hungary Csík Zenekar Szerelmesnek Nehéz Lenni
10 10 Serbia Serbia Nezni Dalibor U Slojevima
11 11 Macedonia Macedonia Jova Radevska feat. Danny Darko Time Will Tell
12 12 Latvia Latvia Triana Park Iron Blue
13 13 Tunisia Tunisia Nostalgia feat. Kokopeli Travel
14 14 Lebanon Lebanon Mika Hurts
15 15 Ireland Ireland HomeTown Where I Belong
16 16 France France Cocoon feat. Matthew E. White Up For Sale
17 17 Italy Italy Tiziano Ferro Per Dirti Ciao
18 18 Azerbaijan Azerbaijan DJ Vugarixx feat. Tomris  Payiz Geldi
19 19 Denmark Denmark Blaue Blume Sky
20 20 Algeria Algeria Iness Mezel Amazone
21 21 Romania Romania Dordeduh Dojană
22 22 Belarus Belarus Shuma Rano Rano
23 23 Norway Norway Bendik Kriger
24 24 Greece Greece Papercut Storm
25 25 Slovakia Slovakia Fallgrapp Vlasy
26 26 Andorra Andorra Martha Roquett Hasta El Final
27 27 Turkey Turkey Redd Aşk Virüs
28 28 Estonia Estonia Jana Kask Ood nr. 6
29 29 Belgium Belgium Arsenal feat. Lydmor Temul (Lie Low)
30 30 Morocco Morocco Hindi Zahra Beautiful Tango
31 31 Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina Divanhana Evo Srcu Mome Radosti
32 32 Switzerland Switzerland Licia Chery Resume
33 33 Finland Finland Chisu Tuu Mua Vastaan
34 34 Slovenia Slovenia Niet feat. Severa Gjurin Beli Prah
35 35 Lithuania Lithuania Jurga Šeduikytė Juoduoju Baltuoju
36 36 Iceland Iceland M Band All Is Love
37 37 Sweden Sweden Naomi Pilgrim Sink Like A Stone
38 38 Poland Poland Paulina Lenda Wolf Girl
39 39 Malta Malta The New Victorians Keep Me In Love
40 40 Portugal Portugal A Naifa  Talvez A Injecção Letal (entry withdrawn)
41 41 Austria Austria Leyya Butter
42 Croatia Josipa Lisac Moja Magica
43 43 Russia Russia Dvar R’lah
44 44 Georgia Georgia Katie Melua Love Is A Silent Thief
45 45 Albania Albania Alban Skenderaj Je Ti

Rules: the voting is now open! You can vote until Friday 19th at midnight CET! Results will probably be on the weekend after that, on a day that suits most people! In the meantime, you can do promo for your entry in the comment section here (or not at all). Once you’ve voted, you can not change your votes, so wait until you’re sure. Also, you have to send me your 11th and 12th in case something goes wrong and we sadly have a DQ. Moreover, you need to send me a city, a hall venue and a host for the next edition if you win!

So start voting now!

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2,972 comments on “ETSC 6: Get to know the songs!

  1. Too bad we wont beat the 3000 mark by tonight :P

  2. Our target is 60 points and a place in the Top 20. But basically I’ll be happy if I’m closer to my performance in ETSC 3 versus ETSC 4…

  3. Congratulations to my small and beautiful home town. Our Leonie Maier won a gold medal tonight.

  4. Guys, before I post the hints & gossips article, I am going to ask the night birds how MUCH hints they want?

  5. There’s so much to tell! I dont know if I should or not, because a few things would get you guys all pumped up!

    • I wouldn’t mind knowing if it’s really close at the top. I wouldn’t want to know how many are in that battle, nor would I want to know how far ahead those songs are compared to others.

      I… don’t think I want to know if there are any null pointers or not.

      And honestly I’d be pumped about the results regardless.

  6. Gutted for Argentina and Australia (they are trailing by 23 pts against Serbia) in basketball. By far the best teams in tournament, leaving team USA aside of course.

  7. Oh please do! ;)
    Can’t believe GB have won their 24th gold it’s quite astounding! Well done the ladies hockey team. More chances to come later with their 2 boxers, their Taekwondo athlete and of course the lovely Tom Daly.

  8. I think that my favourite ETSC entry ever is “To telos sto saloni”. (add hearts)

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