Host City to be Revealed This Week

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – Some are reporting an announcement tomorrow whilst others say the announcement will be made August 1st. Either way, within the next week we will know where Eurovision 2017 will be held. Hopefully definitive dates will be revealed too so fans can start organising.

Following Jamala’s win back in May, six Ukranian Cities put themselves forward to host Eurovision 2017 . These were Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv and Kherson. Last week the Ukraine Broadcaster NTU hosted a live show where representatives from each city came and made their case hoping to be shortlisted into the final three. The winners were Kyiv, Odessa and Dnipro and in the past few days, NTU and the EBU have made visits to all three cities before making their final decision.

Hosts Map

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine which made it the most obvious choice after Jamala was announced the winner of 2016. It has hosted Eurovision before back in 2005 when Ruslana won in 2004. They have also hosted two Junior Eurovision Song Contests back in 2009 and 2012.
Kyiv has expressed that the show venue will be The Palace of Sports which seats 10,000 and will open up facilities in the Olimpiyskiy Stadium for press and fans.

Palace of Sports

Above: The Palace of Sports, Kyiv

Odessa however is proving a major contender for the hosting duties becoming a fan favourite to host. Odessa is located on the south coast next to the Black Sea so sunbathing between shows is a definite option. Odessa have proposed the 10,000 seated Chornomorets Stadium as the venue planning to build a roof to the stadium before next May. It worked for Düsseldorf back when they hosted in 2011.


Above: Chornomorets Stadium, Odessa

Finally we have the underdog Dnipro who were surprisingly able to beat off early favourite Lviv. Dnipro do not yet have a suitable venue ready to go. The EuroArena which seats 9,500 is currently under construction and is said to be large enough to be the Press Centre as well as the EuroClub.


Above: Dnipro City

Each city has produced a promotional video for their cities to help NTU and the EBU head guys decide on the best city to host one of the largest competitions in the world. You can view these below:




So what do you think of the shortlisted cities? Should LvivKharkiv or Kherson been shortlisted over the final three? More importantly who do you think will host Eurovision 2017? Vote and comment Below:

Update: It now looks to be confirmed that the announcement will be made tomorrow, 27th July at 12 noon local time (10am GMT, 11am CET).

Update 2: The date has changed again and has been pushed back to August 1st for the winning city to be announced!

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39 comments on “Host City to be Revealed This Week

  1. I voted for Odessa :)They say it is beautiful there

    OffTopic:Turkish diva, Ajda (Turkey 1980,Petroil) releases her new song😎

    • Btw, I am already in holiday mood but this morning I was informed that I have to work tomorrow. Grrrrr
      In order to brighten up, I went shopping … doing the girl thing: 3 trousers, 3 pairs of shoes (1 pair fantastic Pantoffola d’oro …), several summer shirts and t-shirts … The good thing is that I’ll have less ironing to do now. LOL

      • Pantofola d’ora????
        Will you play football? 😊
        Don’t forget sun lotion and a hat 😎

        • Will I play football? I’d love to but no chance with the friend I am travelling with …
          I bought sun lotion too, and I have a very elegant straw hat which I bought on Malta several years ago.
          Oh my, I have to clean the house now. I am sooooo bourgeois ….

          • I asked about football because I thought that brand only made soccer shoes :)
            Straw hats are the best,they let the air in 😉

            • Yes, straw hats rule supreme.

              This shoe I bought is a tad too … well extravagent to play football with. You know, when it comes to shoes, I am a bit like Imelda Marcus: business shoes, dinner shoes, shopping shoes, running shoes, theatre shoes, opera shoes, family occasion shoes …
              I am all with Moira Isles on this issue: “If confused or in danger, keep calm and buy shoes.”

    • hi again sweetie, in minimum time I have these days I voted Odessa too as have been there too many years ago so am going on basis it was nice then so even nicer now, and thanks for Ajda link do love her 1980 song just wonder how many plastic surgery type oil substances she may have used over the years from the video! and hello again to all dear friends here :-)

    • 36 years on it remains my all time fav turkish entry!

  2. I think Odessa will get this. I want it to win too because it looks gorgeous and can go swimming in the Black Sea.
    I also wouldn’t mind Kyiv winning because of ease and culture but NOT Dnipro. Please

  3. Another vote went to Odessa. I was there a couple of years ago and loved it to bits. Among the major cities I visited, it was by far my favourite place.

  4. Odessa. Lets not head to Kiev again.

  5. Duesseldorf already had a roof. So they didn’t have to build it for the contest.
    Besides, wouldn’t it make more sense to hold the contest in a venue that already exists at the moment.

  6. 30 years ago , my god and with a 25 year old reminder, guessshe’ll update it via an insurance ad!

  7. I voted for Odessa. ESC needs to take place near the sea.; morover, Odessa is a lovely word to say. This is very ‘silly season’ of me, but what the heck!

    • believe me Odessa is a very nice place, but I’m not so sure come Eurovision 2017 it will be everyone’s favourite place, obviously I love the sea like you I was brought up by the sea and I feel being being brought up via the sea makes a difference, could we make that a topic for discussion here?!!

  8. Anyone up for a drink?

  9. For the stairs sequence in “Battleship Potemkin” and only, i’d vote for Odessa.

  10. Literally ihave no pc since last week. I hate posting cmments via tablet.
    Long live the desktops!!!

  11. I am off to Andalusia early tomorrow morning (I have to get up at 3 am …) and won’t be around much for the next two weeks. I will check whether Morgan publishes information on ETSC 6 though.
    Have a great time everyone!

  12. I was really hoping for Lviv, but I’ll settle for Odessa. Dnipro would be horrible and Kyiv is the boring safe choice.

  13. Ok the contest is getting bigger and the venues are getting smaller, I see no logic here whatsoever!

  14. Kyiv, because it has the biggest and the best venue to host it..

  15. GOSH Rio 2016, just 5 more days!!! :O :O
    i’m so excited, but also sad for Russia athletes, I love many of them, i can’t believe they are banned, these Olympics won’t be the same.. :(

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