Ukraine 2017 – Final 3 Cities Announced

Eurovision 2017Ukraine 2017 – Broadcaster NTU has announced this afternoon that Kyiv, Odessa and Dnipro are the 3 finalists to host Eurovision 2017. The inspection team will visit Kyiv on Monday, and Odessa and Dnipro on Tuesday. The winner will be announced on July 27th at noon

4 comments on “Ukraine 2017 – Final 3 Cities Announced

  1. Surprised Lviv didn’t make the cut. Also surprised Dnipro did. Looks rather dull there

  2. I will be cheering for Odessa: It sounds a bit like Odense, meaning that I will feel at home… or almost…

    (Odense is the 3rd largest city in Denmark)

  3. International flights from most destinations all go via Kiev, with potentially quite a long wait if connections are missed. I think that will give Kiev an advantage. Its expensive to fly to Dnipro too.

  4. In the meantime,in Kyiv Jon Ola Sand meets the city’s mayor:


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