Iveta Mukuchyan to Headline Armenian Street Festival in London

Iveta MukuchyanFormer Participants – Armenia’s 2016 representative, Iveta Mukuchyan, will be performing in London on July 17th at the Armenian Street Festival. The event takes place at Iverna Gardens, W8 6TP London from midday. 

The annual Armenian Street Festival features:

-Armenian & Middle Eastern Food
-Live Street Entertainment
-Special guests
-Stalls & Vendors
-Games & Entertainment for children
-Concert in St Sarkis Church
-Marquee/Outdoor Seating
-Raffle and many more fun activities

Admission: Free

Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington
Buses: 9, 10, 27, 28, 49, 52, 70, 328, 452, C1

armenian street festival 2016

35 comments on “Iveta Mukuchyan to Headline Armenian Street Festival in London

  1. A few days ago I just found out that she has been in the ETSC….

    I don’t think I voted for the song though.

  2. I think Anush and Inga would suit this event more 😀

  3. I don’t like her nationalist attitude and absolutely hated (and I rarely use that word) her performance this year, which was a manifestation of bad taste and sluttiness imo.
    Good luck anyway …

  4. Performance-wise I think she reminds me a bit of Ani Lorak, but she had a better song.

  5. We will be in London on that date but I would only bother to go there for Inga&Anush or Andre

  6. In other news,Anouk just gave birth to her 6th child,the first with her 21 yo boyfriend.Go Anouk!lol http://esctoday.com/136636/the-netherlands-anouk-welcomes-baby-girl

  7. This is amazing and perfect for a Saturday night!Jamala presents her album “Breath” live.

  8. P.S.

    Iveta was the first ETSC/FDLC entrant who did ESC. I think for diversity Reincarnation would be an awsome choice for the next year’s eurovision . SInce 2013 i supported the choices of the entrants the new management of AMPTV was making (I mean entrants and not the songs) . Their new single is my new wake up melody:💜

  9. Off topic calling for all serious pop afficinados round here!
    Our dear Eric Saade is all grown up now. Great new EP called simply EP is paving way for album and is produced by State of Sound. It includes fabulous single Colors is perfect midsummer night and day pop.
    And yeah, manboy just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

  10. A new song and video from Alexander Rybak filmed in Rhodes Greece.It’s dedicated to his girlfriend:

  11. Congratulations to Iceland. That was a very deserved victory. (celebrating emojis)

  12. Hi, i’m Franco from Chile and i would like to become one of the active members of the site (i’ve been one of the silent readers for a while). I wanted to post something to introduce myself a week ago but the University takes away all of my precious time. You are nice people that make me think and laugh with the great ESC so i decided to join to the party!
    Sorry for the bad english, i speak spanish :-(
    Have a nice day/night

    • Hi and welcome onboard ! ;)

    • Hello and Welcome from Stuttgart/Berlin. :-)

    • Olá, from Portugal! Welcome! I love everything Chilean, from wine and culture to football. Congrats on your most recent win in Copa America. (happy emoji). I am working from home today, becuse I want to be here later today’s Portugal vs Poland in Copa Europa, if I may say so. Chile is playing much better than Portugal though; our team is relying on intelligent tactics and a bit of luck. We’ll see how it goes. You must tell us what you think about the 2016 ESC season when you can, there is no hurry. Don’t forget to join ETSC and FdlC if you so wish. And now I have documents to draft.

    • Very welcome to this site from Randers, Denmark :-)

    • Hjallis from Helsinki Finland says hi!

  13. Thanks a lot, you are so kind, it’s cool that people who are thousands of kilometers away are able to come together (and i thought that the slogan was bad).
    About the football things (well, you are from europe so i don’t have to say “soccer”), the country that wins the Eurocup is going to play the Conferations Cup with us, it will be something nice to see, we were so bad but now the stars are aligned and our team is playing good.
    I will join to the competition but i’ll ask you some (a lot of) things if i don’t understand.
    About the 2016 ESC season, i don’t have a personal winner, when the points were being revealed i didn’t know that i’m falling for you… sorry, i didn’t know who i was supporting, maybe it was Sergey because of him as an artist and his others songs (i like pop, but You Are The Only One wasn’t the best from him, and the stage was so distracting), by the way, there was a chilean in the team (there’s a chilean everywhere). Maybe i was supporting Jamala because when i heard her song at the final of the Ukraine NF i knew that it could be the winner, even though i prefered Helpless. Maybe it was Justs, i love the song, but the stage… i saw some pictures with a red light, and the background was red too, why did they change it??!!! And finally, the live performance from Amir killed the chances. So, as you may notice, i am confused with this edition hahaha.

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