Israel: New Selection Process Possible

IsraelIsrael – It looks possible that Rising Star (Hakochav Haba), the talent show contest, might not be used for next year’s Israeli selection process. Broadcaster IBA is closing, and the new national broadcaster IPBC has put out a call for production companies to tender for the right to run the Eurovision entry from start to finish. 

The winning bid would see that company deciding how to choose the song and artist via a national selection of some sort, promote the contest in Israel and pick up the bill for the Israeli delegation to go to Ukraine next year. The selection must have taken place by January 2o17.

IPBC start broadcasting properly in September of this year and will take on responsibility for Eurovision. Rising Star was organised by Teddy Productions via Channel 2 and it had indicated it wished to continue. Presumably it will be allowed to tender. Tenders must be submitted by June 29th. More details here.

Israel has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 39 times since making its debut in 1973, and winning in 1978, 1979 and 1998.

38 comments on “Israel: New Selection Process Possible

  1. Off topic: Sergey Lazarev and Poli Genova will be performing during the MAD video awards on June 28.

  2. Off-topic: While watching the matches of the Euro 2016, I realised that the Icelandic national anthem is a beautiful as the Italian and Bulgarian anthems.

    • I listened to it just now and i agree.It goes straight into the top-10 of my favorite national anthems.I was thinking the same yesterday while listening to Romania’s NA.

      • I really like Romania’s too.

      • Give me a list of your top 10!

        • Japan

          But i haven’t listened to all of them so it’s a work in progress.

          • I really like Israel, Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Russia too. (No surprise that we agree a lot …)
            I need to listen to Kenya’s and Kazakhstan’s, which I do not remember atm.

            • I like quite a number of national anthems too but must admit I’m not too familiar with a number of those listed above so will be listening to them in the coming days. Thanks for that.
              Re: Euro 2016, I love the BBC’s opening theme song – Izzy Bizu’s La Foule – A nicely put together modern version imo (though am sure many will prefer Edith Piaf’s version)

            • OMG. Yes! The Icelandic national anthem is adorable,Definitely one of my favourites. Welcome to the world stage Iceland!. Thank you and Dimitris for drawing my attention to it and also to Kazakhstan’s and reminding me of Israel, Oh and Bulgaria is special too Am in anthem heaven! Big Smiley Emoji

    • Speaking of national anthems. Here is the Swedish one:

  3. It would be nice to get away from the trend of using talent shows or NF’s with a format close to them. I have never really liked the concept – not that there aren’t some fine singers coming from them sometimes, but it often gets far too streamlined and polished.

    • I totally agree.
      There are some fine singers time to time, but they lack fine artists. Way too much talent show alumnis in ESC both in stage and juries.

    • Am in total agreement. It’s a lazy way imo. Granted there have been some good singers in some of these shows but there are far too many shows and all too similar for my liking.

  4. This is Jo Cox yesterday with her family.May she rest in peace:

  5. Greek music TV has started featuring Måns Zelmerlöw’s video for “Fire in the rain” in their airplay. And people thought Nicky Byrne was bad.

    • There were two dead moments in final show. Måns’ new “hit” song and Jonas Åkerlund’s seriously dated video.

      • This Segway segment was boring indeed. And what were those white pins on his jacket? Did they have something to do with driving the Segway? I am sure they could have found a colour that stood out less. It was also pretty obvious when he turned from lip-synching his new song to actually singing “Heroes”.

        It is interesting though that at least 5 songs from last year’s contest got airplay in Greece: “Heroes” was picked by commercial pop stations and “Grande Amore” from more adult-oriented ones. I know of at least one station that had “Goodbye to yesterday” on its lists (OffRadio) and Kiss FM played “Tonight again” throughout the summer. Last but not least, “Golden boy” was covered by a greek pop star (interestingly nobody picked up “Rhythm inside”, even though Belgium finished fourth in the greek vote). This year “You are the only one” got some plays but only before the contest (and mainly because of the greek connection) while the only song that got any interest since was Margaret’s “Cool me down” (which did not even compete).

        It goes on to show how much more hit-laden last year’s contest was and how much concentrated interest Conchita’s victory brought to the contest (interestingly she proved to be a unifying rather than a polarising figure, something that Jamala can only hope at the moment).

  6. With all this talk of new selection processes, I seriously hope that RTE takes note and and suitably follows suit.
    Off Topic.
    Christine and the Queens performed live on Graham Norton tonight on BBC1
    Rather fantastic. I loved it. She was quite witty too.

      • Glad you liked it too.

        • agreed, after (semi) disaster of Spain in recent years, and supposing after next elections next weekend, Spain will continue in ESC, following your post here in Spain would equal Pablo Lopez, something like that to appease everyone

          an ernormous hit in Spanish speaking world!

          • Hi Paul.
            I like it. Is he the sort of artist who would take on the Eurovision mantle? Would you prefer an internal selection or a proper national final?

            • Hi Martin, don’t have much chance to be here these days to comment as you can see! but will try to fill you in on Spanish viewpoint, regarding Pablo López above he is among no 1 singers in Spain at this time, and his (I must admit excellent song especially Spanish lyrics), but Spain is Spain and as much as Spain woud vote for him to go to ESC, no chance, thus 2017 seems very open depending a lot on eventual election results this year, if we get left-wing result, and they stay part of TVE, we’ll get in Spain La Movida result!

    • This is really good.Thanks for sharing Martin!

      • Glad you enjoyed it Dimitris.
        I keep watching it back.I really love it.
        I’m looking forward to watching her on The Other Stage at Glastonbury. (I’m not going, I’ll be watching from the comfort of my sofa on the BBC red button, they do great coverage) A good line-up this year with Adele, Coldplay, Muse Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Years and Years, Madness, New Order, Tame Impala, ZZ Top, Jake Bugg and Earth Wind and Fire among those I look forward to seeing.

        • in the end, as a non-esc fan told me, Ireland and Spain are in the same boat, along with Portugal they are the most western European nationalities, with the least western nationality power! typical :-(

          • Am ever hopeful that a good song and singer will surface sometime (sooner rather than later please) from each you mention and we get to see a good result again.

            • I hope so too, from my current famiñy it gets a bit complicated too, via a Spanish result mother in law etc

  7. Off topic :
    I had a song in my mind for ETSC. Nearly one year it didn’t have video…. Now the official video is released just in time for ETSC :)

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