Most Overrated 2016: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2016 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Result Awards

Most Overrated

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:


And the Frida goes to…


Color Of Your Life” was performed by Michał Szpak. Representing Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, it was written by Kamil Varen and composed by Andy Palmer. It finished 8th with 229 points. Nominated only once overall in ET Awards 2016, “Most Overrated” is going to be its first! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 43 recommendations for 10 countries in the first round and 147 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

Now let’s watch the winning entry once more, for it did finnish 3rd in televote:

7 comments on “Most Overrated 2016: and the Frida goes to…

  1. Expected but not entirely well deserved.
    Malta was the WTF jury boost (again) this year. An average song + performance that stole the ticket from entries deserving it more (Iceland, Montenegro, Estonia)

  2. Yep, expected and deserved.

  3. Perfect choice. I detest this entry with a passion.
    Btw, I can see why the juries supported Malta, even though I don’t like WoW at all.

  4. My top-5 most overrated of 2016:

    1. Malta (For the endlessly recurring jury corruption)
    2. Belgium (For finishing inside the top-10)
    3. Armenia (Even though it was an obvious pleasure watching her sulk when she realised she would finish outside the top-5)
    4. Australia (For that ridiculous jury lead)
    5. Israel (For even qualifying)

  5. Nah… I would absolutely say Sweden. Förlåt Svenskarna, men jag gillade inte era låt. Hälsningar från Italien.

  6. I couldn’t agree more

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