Best Backdrop 2016: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2016 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Delegation Awards

Best Backdrop

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:


And the Frida goes to…


1944” was performed by Jamala. Representing Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, it was written and composed by Jamala herself. It won with 534 points. Nominated a record of ten times overall in ET Awards 2016 (the same as the Common Linnets in 2014 and Loïc Nottet in 2015), “Best Bacldrop” is its third so far! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 44 recommendations for 19 countries in the first round and 147 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

Now let’s watch the winning entry once more, for the backdrop:

19 comments on “Best Backdrop 2016: and the Frida goes to…

  1. Very well deserved. Ukraine had an artistic concept and not just random visuals to pimp up their entry.

  2. Ukraine has won a Frida in every year they took part in esc: two in 2013 (Best Female Vocals and Best Female Style) one in 2014 (Best Prop) and so far three in 2016 (Best Composition, Best Performance and Best Backdrop) still more nominations for Ukraine coming as well… if they win the four they’re nominated still in (Spokeperson, NF, Top 5 and Best Entry), they can tie Belgium 2015 of 7 in a year, and at 10 Fridas, they’d be one Frida short from Netherlands’ overall 11!

  3. Yes,this is so well deserved.The moment the tree of life grows and covers the screen during Jamala’s mourning is iconic.

  4. Voted for Latvia.
    Ukraine would be my 2nd choice. I mean the tree was fantastic but the rest of the backdrop (during verses) was random.

  5. Voted for Latvia as well, seemed the most professional one and improved the whole act a lot, but I did like Ukraine’s one quite a lot too so can’t complain, expected winner here.

  6. My top-5 scenography for 2016:

    1. Ukraine
    2. Austria
    3. Russia
    4. Italy
    5. Australia

  7. I don’t mean to be a Debby Downer or whatever, but Christina Grimmie has been shot and killed at a concert in Florida. I don’t know if any of you will know her as she never really got big internationally and wasn’t that much of a big deal outside of my age group. She was only 22 years old and was seen as a star of tomorrow by a lot of people in America. My thoughts are with her family.

  8. Well deserved! Not only the tree of life, but the whole act was amazingly calculated and beautifully done, easily the best of the bunch! It enhanced this performance so much and gave it that extra push Jamala needed I think! Ukraine always have one of the best back drop imo, but this year they really killed it! <3

  9. One question doh, is “backdrop” also the same as the floor and the lighting of the entry?

    • Which is why the category should be “best scenography”, since that encompasses everything that has to do with scenic presentation: props, graphics, scenery, holograms etc.

  10. Off Topic: I have created this spreadsheets thats gonna be called (for now) ET-ESC 2016 haha😄 This is supposed to be a fun thing to see how we as a jury would have given our points this Eurovision song contest! All of the countries who performed are present, even the ones who failed to get to the final!
    This will just be an experiment at first to see how many of you guys are interested in this (imo awesome) idea! Now almost all of you guys and me included have a top ten of this season so I thaught why not use it for something exciting😉

    *If you’re interested in this please send an email with your points and avatar name/alias to schultze94@gmail.com.*

    Update: 21 of you guys have voted (^.^ ^-^ ^.^) and this is the top ten so far:

    Ukraine: 182
    Latvia: 119
    Georgia: 79
    Armenia: 74
    Bulgaria: 72
    Italy: 62 (12 voters)
    Estonia: 62 (11 voters)
    Austria: 58
    France: 55
    Australia: 46

    We welcome Austria in the top 10 and welcome back Australia!

    **There will be no more updates after this one, simply because I dont wanna influence more future voters and I want it to be a little exciting for you guys in the end ;) The deadline will be at the end of june before the ETSC season begins and hopefully there will be an article of this contest where I tell you guys more of why I thaught this after-contest-ranking was a good, fun(awesome) and exciting idea**

    Spread the word and may the best ET-ESC 2016 song win! :D

  11. A film narrating the story of the first B&H entry from 1993 is on the making.It’s called “Sarajevo Calling”: https://www.eurovisionary.com/sarajevo-calling-film-eurovision-song/

  12. Jamala gets behind the LGBT community in Kyiv by signing an open letter to mayor Vitali Klitschko asking him to support and defend the city’s Equality march.

  13. Expected and well deserved. It fit the mood in the song very well.

  14. Very good choice. Congrats!

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