Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina Set to be Back in the Game

Eurovision 2017Eurovision 2017 – After a turbulent few months for both Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, it looks like their financial woes are to be eased meaning both should hopefully be able to start thinking about competing in Eurovision 2017.  

The national broadcaster of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BHRT, has made an agreement with the EBU over its debt of €5.5m. BHRT will now be able to continue broadcasting EBU programmes including this year’s Euro 2016 football competition.

Meanwhile in Romania, the Romania government has indicated that it will pay the debts of beleaguered broadcaster TVR. Ovidiu Anton was prevented from performing in Stockholm this year because no arrangement had been made to clear the debt. The Romanian government has now passed emergency legislation which allows it to fund the broadcaster’s debts.

If payments are now made on time both Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be eligible to return to Eurovision next year as long as they want to and can afford to. We hope to see both of them in Ukraine!

2 comments on “Romania and Bosnia & Herzegovina Set to be Back in the Game

  1. The only reason they decided to reach some sort of settlement right now is because of the euro football championships coming up. Nobody dares to cross football fans, unlike the fans of a music and dancing show…

  2. I’m glad.

    P.S. – Ovidiu should be offered the chance to represent his country in 2017, if there is some decency left on the planet.

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