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Eurovision Stars Ebay Auctions Raise Money for Good Causes

ebay-logoFormer Participants – Greta Salóme (Iceland 2016) and Lidia Isac, (Moldova 2016) are both currently auctioning costumes from their 2016 Eurovision performances for good causes.  Greta is auctioning her tassled dress and said Greta Salóme says:

“Since the release of the song I have recieved so many messages from people all over the world that have been touched by the song. I´ve also been approached by a lot of people that have a personal experience with negative voices it´s safe to say that the spreading of the message has surpassed all expectations. To hear people say that my music has helped them makes everything I do worth while and I want to continue to spread a positive message with my music. I believe that bullying and cyber bullying is a global issue and something that is growing to be a huge proplem especially for the younger generation. Therefore I´m giving the dress that I wore on the stage at Eurovision to Speak UP. I hope the auction can help spread awareness about negativity and bullying and help Speak UP continue their fantastic work against bullying. I´m honored to be able to help!”

greta slaome iceland costume

The dress is currently standing at US$255 and you can bid for it here.

Also auctioning a special item is Moldova’s Lidia Isac. She’s auctioning the spaceman’s helmet from her performance, and has autographed it. The helmet is handmade from plastic and papier-mashe by a faimous Moldovan painter Ruslan Ratoi.

10% of any money raised will be donated to the Best Friends Animal Society. The helmet is currently standing at US$250 and you can bid for it here.

lidia isac helmet


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