Amir to Perform at Euro 2016 Opening Ceremony

AmirFormer participants – This year’s French representative, Amir, is to perform this evening as part of the opening ceremony of the Euro 2016 football competition. France is the host nation, and Amir, who gave France their best result at Eurovision for some years, will perform alongside other French and international acts at the launch. The event will take place at the foot of the Eiffel Tower on the Champ de Mars tonight from 20.55 (CET) and will be broadcast live by TF1.  The football kicks off tomorrow as France takes on Romania to open the tournament.

Amir’s ‘J’ai Cherché’, which finished 6th in Stockholm, has become a number 1 hit in France.


7 comments on “Amir to Perform at Euro 2016 Opening Ceremony

  1. I got Romania in our office sweepstakes.

    France could win it, home soil and Kante playing for them.

  2. I’ve been betting that France will win, so a French victory would make me rich. #crossingfingers

  3. Bonne chance, Amir!

    P.S. – I’ll be rooting for my country, Portugal. No bets were made by me.

  4. My money is on France, but I believe that Austria will get to the final. Austria has a good team and I believe that they are the dark horses of this year :)

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