ET Awards 2016: Most Overrated!

fridas 2016Eurovision 2016 – This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! And you get to vote! Today, we resume the polls with the two categories focused on unfair results!

2016 will be the fourth year for Eurovision Times to organize a new contest (you can check 2013’s results here, the 2014’s ones here, and the 2015’s ones here). As with the past few years, our blog hosts now two contests: TEKO which takes place before the contest and the “Eurovision Times Awards” after the contest. The principle of the ET Awards is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website will nominate a few entries per categories and open polls for the public to vote in them so we can reveal afterwards all the winners. The winners recieve an imaginary trophee, entitled the Fridas in hommage to Frida Boccara, the French Eurovision winner in 1969 with “Un jour, un enfant“.

The fifteenth award is in the “Result” category and it’s “Most Overrated”. Here are the results of the recommendations made by the regular users of Eurovision Times in this category:

  • 11 Poland
  • 8 Australia
  • 7 Malta
  • 6 Russia
  • 5 Lithuania
  • 2 Sweden
  • 1 Austria
  • 1 Belarus
  • 1 Belgium
  • 1 Georgia

However, it’s down to the staff of Eurovision Times to choose the official nominees. But it’s up to you to vote in our poll below which entry was the most overrated this year! You need to click on the country’s name to be redirected to the video of the song. The nominees in alphabetical order are:







  • Malta‘s 4th place with the juries




  • Poland‘s 3rd place in televote




  • Russia‘s winning the televote




Rules: the polls will be open for a week. At the end of the week, an article will announce the winner of the category but not the detailed results. The full results will however be given to you once all polls are closed so that you don’t get influenced (we never know) in your following votes. Every IP gets only one vote, please do not cheat, do take in consideration to watch very carefully the videos before voting and do not vote necessarly for your favorite song but vote regarding to the category. Of course, it’s pointless to vote only for your own country unless you’re really certain it should win. May the best win!


96 comments on “ET Awards 2016: Most Overrated!

  1. Poland and Lithuania both are in my bottom 5; my vote will probably go to Poland. I think it is a very boring and monotonous song with hollow lyrics, and I don’t like his singing either – too monotonous and sharp.

    • plus Lithuania gets 9th by being low top 10 in both jury and televote, maybe it’s a wrong choice, but everyone agreed… whereas Poland is an insane 3rd with televote, and we’re still (harshly) debating with one another why is that!

  2. Malta definitely!
    Both song and performance were forgettable and the vocals were not impressive or bombastic either to justify jury’s fanwank (as with Australia…)
    I know Poland will win this though because people are willing to believe that 200+ points are nothing but diaspora votes…

  3. I thaught this would be a tough one, but the Polish song just sucks so damn hard imo…

  4. I voted for Malta since the live was so underwhelming that I can’t believe the juries gave them 4th.

  5. Poland. No matter how many people tell us that this song was really loved by Europeans from all over Europe, I still am convinced that diaspora voting had a very big impact on the eventual result.

    • It had an impact. None denies that. If you check the complete ranking in each country you will see that Poland did ”well” in all countries.

  6. EBU’s defenition of “contemporary pop” failed miserably outside ESC bubble. Already forgotten and gone. Australia is easily most overrated entry this season.

    • Maybe in the radio you listen to. Ugh why do some people detest esc so much that they beg to see it fail especially when it doesn’t ?

      Ugh. Anyway I wont continue that. Not my job to feed anyone’s wishful thoughts. I ll just say I hope Poland wins this by a landslide.

      • I’m sorry that ESC has let you down once again. It’s not my fault that it can’t produce material to contemporary hit radio or global hits. Go vent your anger to those who are responsibly. Reference group, maybe? Like I said before I’m anxiously waiting for the next Euphoria appear. I just love pop music. In a mean while you, Mr, you cut the crap, ok?

        • Continue repeating that to yourself 5 times a day and it may come true. Oh the true end of an era when old guard fans get on full denial mode.
          Dami will be attacked over her sucess for years to come from the likes of you I can see it.

          Esc is not the campfest you want anymore sorry. Go vent your anger to EBU officials and demand your camp bubble back where artists like Dami and songs like “Sound of Silence” are not allowed.

          I guess I must close my ears every time I hear “Sound of Silence” or any other esc entry this year on the radio (and it has happened on many occasions) so that I partake in your sad illusion ? How many people must cater to your unsupported by factual reality bubble so that you are happy really ?

          Again – go vent your frustration to those responsible of taking esc away from what you liked – factual reality is not your enemy. Embrace it.

          • No, the repetition is your strategy not mine.
            ESC is not camp fest it hasn’t been for years. We still have these ultra camp gay friendly entries like Dami, that really don’t connect to the world outside ESC bubble. I don’t buy this kind of gay cruise cabaret approach. Huff and puff as much as you want. It doesn’t change anything.

            • And same goes to you. Esc has entered the mainstream with entries like Dami’s – contemporary, relevant and well performed. That angers you thus the need for constant repetition of attacks against her in the most vulgar way. She represents what your kind considers a threat to what they knew and loved about esc. Again, understandable but we cannot continue catering to your delusions.

              You can continue bashing her, denying her success etc if it makes you feel better.It wont change a single thing indeed.

              But lets face it the main reason you and the televoting crowd in general detest her has to do with the fact she deservingly won the proffesional jury vote. Juries represent the biggest threat to the esc you want : musically irrelevant, camp and plagued by diaspora and neighbouring televote. Juries come to break both narratives by rewarding contemporary entries and voting for a country with zero standard support to begin with. It angers you. Understandable but again, sad.

              Continue holding your breath till your face turns blue and screaming about how Dami is talentless and her song failed. I will continue providing a reality check.

            • Screaming and holding breath at the same time is something I really can’t do. And being blue is not really healthy, is it? I can’t turn my head 360 degrees either, sorry about that 😃

            • Well from people trying so hard to discredit reality itself to make a point I expect everything tbh. You have superpowers it is quite obvious..!

    • And you can cut the crap about “EBU’s definition” etc ? EBU had nothing to do with it – it was the independent jury vote. Do you realise how childish it is to throw such tantrums and conspiracy theories around just because things dont go you way ? Gosh !

      • A bit in a bad mood today, are we?

        • I will always challenge childish delusional tantrums from spoiled old guard esc fans. Such crap cannot go unchallenged.

          • Then there must be quite a conversation then going on within your head. Enjoy.

            • Nah dude – its not me trying hard to create a narrative in my head that strives away from reality – that takes the kind of mental gymnastics you perform.

              I just report what I see and listen around me.

            • Ugh those emojis..here it goes without them :

              Oh poor you..Now tell me..Do you want me every time I listen to “Sound of Silence” on a radio randomly, anywhere (a bus, a friend’s place, on the street etc – and it has happened quite a few times actually) to shut my ears and start running the other direction (smiley face) ? Will it provide you comfort if we all start partaking to your narrative (smiley face) ?

              I can put on a valid effort but I cant promise much mind you – got places to be and “Sound of Silence” along with “If I were Sorry” especially are on everywhere.

              Oops sorry shouldn’t have said that last thing..!

  7. My special Most overrated in ET award goes to Georgia. Obnoxious, shoe gazing Tbilisi rockers were saved not once but twice by Swedish schlager masters, first G:son put the song together and then SVT made the entry look the way it sounded and Lolitaz could still have their toes.
    Very rock, indeed.

  8. It’s between Poland and Malta for me. I think Malta being 4th with the juries is a bigger disappointment than Poland being 3rd with televoting (although maybe evenly surprising) but I did like Malta a bit while Poland was one of the (if not the) most generic songs of the year and it placed higher in the final ranking so it gets my vote here.

    The other 3 are more or less expected and even deserved in Lithuania’s case imo, but it’s true that it’s not easy to pick 5 very overrated entries (as I don’t think there were that many). I would put Bulgaria instead of Lithuania in here, even if I actually liked it and it was very entertaining live, but I feel that 4th place is too high for it as there were at least 7-8 songs better imo.

  9. Malta. That song and performance were undeserving of a place in the final, let alone top five with the juries.

    The fact Malta seem to have suddenly become the big jury darlings (placing 1st twice, 3rd and 5th with them in the semi-finals over the past four years, and never missing their top ten in the final) seems a little odd to say the least, when they’ve only been in the public’s final top ten once in that same period.

  10. If I could vote a 100 times for Poland here I would. Its disgusting how far a dated drivel can go in esc 2016 mainly due to shameless diaspora regaining its power through the current voting system. An immediate return to the 20115 system is needed.

    Lithuania was also extremely overrated. Wont even talk about Russia it is obvious.

    Australia was not overrated in any way imo.

    Malta may have been slightly overrated but Ira really did deliver and its natural she got voted.

  11. This is as almost as tricky as the ‘underrated’ category!

    Russia and Australia were my 3rd and 4th favourites going into the final, so I cannot begrudge them their success with juries and public.

    Lithuania were slopping about in the ‘meh’ bucket in the run-up to the contest, but Donny performed with gusto and managed to lift the song slightly above average. Top 10 placing still undeserved though, I feel, especially compared to how the other Baltics fared.

    Malta was mediocre and I never understood when some people described it as ‘contemporary’ – to my ears it sounded very dated, with its ‘funky drummer’ loop placing it somewhere in the mid-90s.

    Poland was even more dated, as both song and singer seemed to have been lifted directly from the mid-80s and the Glen Medeiros School Of Power Balladry. When I first heard this song I had to check I hadn’t accidentally typed 1986 instead of 2016! Having said that, I did have a soft spot for it and it did have one of the few key changes of the year… 3rd place in the televote was a massive shocker though.

    Hmmm… for whom should I vote? Oh, go on Poland, lap it up, boy!

  12. In a party last weekend, a lady in her late 40s was telling us how much the polish song was her absolute favourite this year. You should have seen how disappointed, almost crushed, she looked when I told her it wasn’t really my cup of tea. And of course she is not part of the infamous “polish diaspora” – not by a long shot. The point is that the Eurovision audience is much larger and deeper than the small minority of people following whatever is thought to be “contemporary” hit music and buying it on i-tunes. You can not begrudge them their taste or their choices. In fact the only viable course for a mass entertainment program is to reflect everybody’s tastes, including the “uncool” ones (can you imagine a similarly mass event in the States not being overwhelmed by huge quantites of the trashiest country music on offer? Because I can’t) . And independently of the fact that it was only thanks to Poland that we were spared an australian victory, I can not bring myself to detest Michal’s entry as much as I came to detest a fake britpop cover band from Georgia looking absolutely bored and miserable in the middle of the happiest event in the world and aping western cultural norms for a few crumbs of jury validation.

    But Georgia’s “success” was so insignificant, I can not even bring myself to vote them in this category. My vote for most overrated has to go to Malta whose consistent jury support is so fishy, it has become indecent. Malta is the only country that has benefitted from the jury system every single year: Even in years they don’t qualify, the juries rank them 5 to 18 places above the televote (2009 +11 places in the final, 2010 +5 in the semi, 2011 +12 in the semi, 2012 +9 in the final, 2013 +6 in the semi, 2014 +18 in the final, 2015 +7 in the semi, 2016 +17 in the final). So apparently every single one of those drab, bland and sugary entries Malta has sent over the years is an overlooked masterpiece!

    People in the betting circuit know that Malta has been tirelessly working the juries since their inception and always factor that in their odds. It is curious that nobody in responsible positions seems to lose any sleep over this tiny issue of fairness. Apparently hosting all those Eurovision Juniors nobody else wants comes with its perks.

    • Yes indeed. You’re not the first one to point it out. I remember in 2013 when Azerbaijan was put into question. Everyone seems to remember Azerbaijan, but no one remembers that Malta was the other country in the affair. Why is that? Fans tend to overwank on Malta since their “great” 2000’s era. And the Maltese esc fans are a bit fanatic based on my experience, and they still think they’re the answer to the European music industry… Plus Ira which was the HARDCORE favorite, coming back, then rewriting a “winning” song. They HAD to have huge jury support because they were sure they’d get televote too. Huge wanking in the bookies, to create a fake support beforehand, plus some jury help, and you get a VERY unfair 12th, above Austria and tied with Netherlands, two much more deserving countries who got top 2 together a few years back. Both you and Marc P. who have VERY different taste and esc approach, agree that something is fishy on this post, and the EBU doesnt see it? I agree, being the only country caring for JESC and making it stick alive, must mean they get something back.

    • I have also mentioned this a couple of weeks ago and i’ve read people in other sites whom i trust mentioning this shady affair between Malta and the esc juries.Sadly,it can’t be proven atm.
      As for Poland,sure there were people who liked it but the fact that Poland is one of the new big diaspora countries shouldn’t be dismissed like that either.

      • Of course nothing can be done, if there isn’t the will to do anything about it. We are talking about 200 people, the names change every year and it’s always the same business. Surely it’s organised and surely something can be done about it. The swedish media have already reported that their jury votes were compromised in favour of both Malta and Azerbaijan due to their professional relationships with people working on both entries. Why is it so impossible to do something about it?

        There is every indication that Poland 2016, just like Poland 2014, was genuinely popular around Europe. Was their success unmerited on musical terms? Yes. Was it unfair as a reflection of broad swathes of public taste? No I don’t think so.

        • Poland has finished 5th,14th and 3rd with televoting since their return.Sure “Color of your life” was liked by people but diaspora helped too.Of course,different songs mobilize the diaspora in different volumes.It’s not a black or white situation.Yes,their 223 televoting pts cannot be explained by diaspora support alone but even 60 diaspora pts can make a difference.All i’m saying is that Poland is a new diaspora power much bigger than Greece f.i which is in a free fall esc-wise.I should make clear that if Polish people living abroad vote for the Polish song because they genuinely like it then there’s nothing wrong about it.Of course,with these things you can never be 100% sure but what the Greek experience has shown f.i is that Greeks abroad don’t blindly support the Greek entries but only if they like them.Esc fatigue should be taken into account too.It’s natural for countries like Greece or Azerbaijan who have experienced a golden esc era to show a decline in interest and that includes also people living abroad.Maybe,they got tired of it for now.It made its’ circle and maybe a new one will open at some point.It’s up to the national broadcaster and the way they’ll handle this decline,imo because they have definitely played a big role in bringing it about.

          • I doubt that a lot of points Greece used to get from western countries like the UK and Germany in its golden era was due predominantly to diaspora. I think it had a lot to do with tailoring those entries to Greece’s image as a fun tourist destination which was especially powerful in Greece’s major tourist markets. And if anything there are unfortunately many more young greek people abroad post-2010, so “fatigue” should have been compensated by the higher numbers of people living abroad. If an entry is strong, of course it mobilises those more favourably to the country first and a lot of other people as well. You can’t easily distinguish between the two. Unless you are living in a police state and you can check how each person votes against their private data (where they come from, what language they speak at home, whom they are married too etc) this whole conversation is basically chasing windmills.

            On the other hand, clear flag favouritism among a select group of people based on statistics doesn’t take a genius to figure out.

            • What a disgenious, biased argument.

              Have we really reached the point where juries are accused for…”flag favouritism” while they have supported a vast and diverse group if countries over the years while the diaspora fanatics are again excused in the most factually void way possible ?

              Ugh every day I wish more and more that Australia had won this contest.

              But I am hardly surprised at this point by all that…The point of rational argumentation has been crossed weeks ago from the televoting crowd.

              My appreciation for jury members reaches new highs everyday given how they agree to be exposed like that and be drugged in a factually void way to the mud by people with that mentality.

      • Malta does well with juries because it plays safe. Valid singers and friendly europop/ballad. Of course, they are overrated as well.

        • No matter how safe they play (which they do but the singers they choose were never that “valid”) this can not account for this kind of thing repeating itself every single year for 8 years. I mean come on, we are talking about entries like Glenn Vella, Kurt Calleja and Amber for goodness’ sake!

          • I believe you haven’t read my comment in full. Yes, Malta is overrated but I don’t thing there is an orchestrated effort to help them out. There songs are safe and performed well. Juries normally support these stuff, it isn’t surprising. It forms part of their partial incompetence.

            • Check out the entries I mentioned again and then tell me how well they were performed. Let’s not fall under the illusion that those entries were somehow beacons of professionalism because nobody actually remembers them.

            • Ugh, why should I do that? They were performed well but this alone does not mean they are nice entries…

  13. IMO Lithuania isn’t overrated.

    Australia is overrated because juries should have not awarded a singer who is better in screeching than in singing. Good song though.

    Russia is too overrated since the televoters should have not focused on the staging solely. Good package though.

    Malta is overtly overrated but at least Ira is a solid live performer.

    Poland is all wrong and therefore my vote goes to them.

    • Of course,Australia was overrated that’s why i nominated it too.It’s not because i didn’t expect a top-5 result but they got almost double the votes of the runner-up.It’s the second year in a row that the esc juries given the power granted to them to vote down songs are trying to impose their winner because unlike televoting their own votes can be manipulated.If it wasn’t for the Polish upset,a song with a tepid televoting support would have won.

  14. And the efforts to wash away Poland’s obvious and scandalous diaspora boosting continues for the sake of not offending the holy cow of televoting while another conspiracy theory against juries – this time targeting a tiny island – appears again without the slightest glimpse of proof but speculations based simply on Malta doing consistently well with jury vote – which is not surprising at all imo nor undeserved given that already for the vocal rendition and proper diction criteria Malta does better than most. Another day at ET twilight zone.

    Personally I want to see detailed televoting results. The phone numbers (and IP addresses for internet voting) behind Poland’s televotes in every country. I want to see from how many different phone numbers this oh so popular dated drivel got votes – I am really curious. And how many different people own these phone lines as well. I am sure it will be interesting – VERY interesting.

  15. I’m checking the detailed televoting results for Poland and the numbers are insane!12 pts from Belgium and Austria,top-2 in the UK,Ireland,Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Iceland,Italy,Germany and Hungary.Top-3 in Ukraine and big pts from other ex soviet nations.The song was liked by people and Polish diaspora no dount about it.

    • If we dont get analytical televoting results these figures alone mean nothing. I am betting loads of cash that the phone numbers and IP addresses with 20 votes for the polish entry are disproportionally high compared to other entries. This thing being the swiss entry would be ignored.

      Televoting is a cesspool of corruption right now in esc and much more transparency in they way it is handled is needed.

      Full televoting figures, how those votes came in, from how many different phone lines etc. This stuff must be published if televoting is to restore any credibility some day and if much needed measures to fix it are to be introduced.

    • It was top15 with most countries. I posted this info one day after the contest but nobody commented…:p

  16. They were all overrated imo but Poland is my runaway winner here. After all, it is my dead last place this year. There is aboslutely nothing I like about “Color …”. I’d rather have Rodolfo or Kreisiraadio back … not Dustin the Turkey though …

  17. Two weeks after the competition iTunes charts and Spotify charts re AUS and SWE looks like this. Anyone interested can check all the entries in ESC tracker.

    Sound of Silence in iTunes
    14 Sweden
    16 Australia
    57 Lithuania
    164 Belgium

    Sound of Silence in Spotify
    111 Sweden

    Frans is doing better and is the best of the lot, but these numbers are a far cry from being a hit.

    If I were sorry in ITunes
    2 Estonia
    3 Austria
    5 Lithuania
    21 Germany
    24 Sweden
    33 Poland
    44 Finland
    51 Latvia
    74 Denmark
    77 Belgium
    81 Netherlands
    92 Switzerland
    112 Cyprus
    141 France
    143 Spain
    154 Italy

    If I were sorry in Spotify

    17 Estonia
    17 Austria
    23 Iceland
    31 Lithuania
    36 Germany
    39 Latvia
    40 Netherlands
    44 Sweden
    84 Belgium
    98 Poland
    103 Finland
    122 Ireland
    127 Switzerland
    142 Denmark

    • The people interested in buying the song have bought it already – its been a month since the contest ended. Both these entries receive regular airplay where I am at and in Belgium as well from the feedback I receive and Dami’s tour is still selling out as new dates are added.

      These are by far the two most succesful entries with a very good breakthrough to the mainstream market and that only proves my point imo.

      Thanks for backing me up on that !

      • Stop it now. They break after the final if they are to break. ESC fan boys like you don’t make hits before finals.

        • While ESC fan boys like you do ?

          Anyway, thanks again for backing my arguments – it’s a nice refreshing change of pace :)

          P.S. There might be very few tickets for a Dami Im concert if you are interested. Make your mind up quick because the “failed boring wanna be diva” is selling out fast and keeps adding tour dates :) !

  18. This is incredibly hard to vote in, even after removing two options (Poland and Lithuania earned their finishes, imo). The presentation of the results has really messed up our perception of what is and isn’t overrated because we saw Malta at fourth at the end of jury voting, so it’s easier to remember that than the 12th. Keeping that in mind, it’s between the two winners for me. And while Russia didn’t deserve it’s televote win at all, it still finished third in the end, behind Australia, which also didn’t deserve its win. So in the end, points-wise and place-wise, I have to vote for Australia.

  19. Official highest chart postions for Sound of Silence are here. if anyone interested this is how this contemporary pop music master piece did on the charts:
    AUS 5
    AUT 39
    FRA 69
    GER 57
    NED 100
    SPA 37
    SWE 17
    SWI 55
    UK 160

    Not a hit.

    • Sweden is the only country that is doing well at the moments in the iTunes charts. I even heard the song on Dutch radio a few days ago.

      • Yeah, I know. I don’t like the song at all but all the credits for SVT’s and Sweden’s capability to deliver even in their gap year.

      • I am hearing both Sweden and Australia regularly on swedish and flemish/belgian in general radio. A true breakthrough for both.

      • Frans respectively
        AUT 2
        BEL (F) 36
        BEL (W) 42
        CZE 57
        EST 12
        FIN 7
        FRA 36
        GER 12
        HUN 20
        IRE 47
        NED 34
        RUS 161
        SCO 35
        SPA 25
        SWE 1
        SWI 25
        UK 61

        3 top 10’s
        5 top 20’s

        GER 12 is a true achievement, big influential market.

        Minor European hit.

        • Major success for Frans around Europe – great job there. Indeed as I said, the 2 entries that had the big mainstream breakthrough are Sweden and Australia, probably along with France, after the contest.

          It is a great new era for ESC and it will keep getting better :) !

          • Nothing major there. Minor. You really should go to work for Moscow Times!

            • Meh I’m leaving reality twisting propaganda to you tbh :)

              This is major especially compared to similar figures of esc entries a few years ago. This is progress. I never claimed that we are there – esc is still going through its journey and these are steps, major steps towards the wanted result which is even bigger chart success for the entries. It is a phenomenon that will keep growing despite efforts from old guard esc fans to nullify all the success and try to negate it by bashing artists like Dami.

              Both Sweden and Australia had great breakthroughs to mainstream radio and that is a positive sign. Next year will be better and the year after that even better. These are steps taken to the right direction.

              Again congrats to both those entries and their well deserved success :)

            • Again due to emoji moderation :

              Meh I’m leaving reality twisting propaganda to you tbh (smiley face) !

              This is major especially compared to similar figures of esc entries a few years ago. This is progress. I never claimed that we are there – esc is still going through its journey and these are steps, major steps towards the wanted result which is even bigger chart success for the entries. It is a phenomenon that will keep growing despite efforts from old guard esc fans to nullify all the success and try to negate it by bashing artists like Dami.

              Both Sweden and Australia had great breakthroughs to mainstream radio and that is a positive sign. Next year will be better and the year after that even better. These are steps taken to the right direction.

              Again congrats to both those entries and their well deserved success (smiley face) !

          • But why is esc-chart success suddenly the holy grail?Sure,it’s nice if some songs become radio-hits afterwards but this is just a welcome addition to the contest and not the main or sole purporse of it.Esc exists because it’s esc and not as a chart-making machine.This year f.i hasn’t produced a Eurphoria-like hit but it was a great contest and a spectacular tv show anyway.

            • I totally and whole heartedly agree. I just loved it.

            • And that is where we disagree as you know. I want a proper balance of quality but with a definitive direction towards post-contest survival of the entries. I want an impact for the contest that exceeds the one night. It is the rational step forward for a contest that wants to be a song contest imo.

              It was a great contest and that reflects to the post-esc success of quite a few of its songs imo to a smaller or bigger degree.

            • It was a spectacular TV show (with some reservations, for instance this idea of hiding everyone’s backing vocalists) but a great contest? Sure it gave us one of the greatest winning songs, but overall song quality was much inferior to last year (admittedly a very strong year) and musical diversity was at its lowest ebb. Also a lot of politics (Russia-Ukraine) and counter-politics (Australia) at their worst and most naked ever. I hope for greater song quality and less politics next year (fat chance for the last part at least). And let’s hope “1944” inspires other countries to stop sending sub-par MF entries and that Poli inspires them to send more fun and entertaining ones!

              As for chart success, let me remind everyone that Frans finished outside the top-5 in both the televote (6th) and the jury vote (9th). Which means that what some people find “relevant” in terms of the commercial record industry nowadays is not an indication of what the public might find exciting in a mass audience TV show. Even the charts don’t reflect what the public thinks the way they used to: Most people are completely unaware of what is charting at the moment (the hits all seem quite generic and interchangeable anyway), whereas that would be completely unthinkable in the ’80s. In the end my only explanation for Frans’ relative success (and it is only relative) in those online charts is people thinking it is another remix of “Catch and release” by Matt Simons.

            • It all comes down to personal taste.I liked it more than the 2015 contest and i listen to more songs.I agree on the lack of diversity though this is an issue in many recent editions.

            • The lack of uplifting, fun entries and the overdose of politics might be even more lethal in the long term.

    • Very good signs for “Sound of Silence” ! It did have a very good breakthrough indeed – congrats to Dami and the team behind her :)

      As I said even such charting positions for an esc song – especially one that did not win – would be unimaginable a few years ago – and now esc songs keep climbing the charts. A truly great job.

      And it is proven yet again that televoting failed to capture popular taste as it should. Sweden and Australia are by far the 2 most succesful entries.

      The regionally and diaspora boosted Russia and Poland are nowhere to be seen. Expected and again : proves my point about televoting.

      Keep that data coming, you really help me here !

  20. Australia’s plastic aridness got my vote.

    • Watch out! Dami hooligans might come to kick your arse! I wonder can you do it with a handbag?

      • Might they really? Now my heart awakes to sound of hooligans?!?

        • Threats are flying. Maybe they come and force us to listen Dami’s new album “Classic Carpenters” on repeat until we admit that Dami is the moral winner.
          Yes, you read it right. This pop talent is really covering Carpenters at this point of her career.
          Gay wine bars will never sound the same.
          I dare you to have a go if you have Spotify. It’s hilarious. For three minutes or so.

          • Oh look more bitter old guard esc fan bashing of Dami..ahhh..cute !

            Can I ask you something : How much better does it make you feel to bash Dami based on nothing just out of spite for her in and out of contest success ? Do you feel tingles every time you think you bring her down with another naive offensive remark ? You feel more validated in your own bubble ?

            Ah good old esc fans…Their motto : “Reality ? It never scared us !”

            LOL !

            • Have you listened to that album?

            • I have listened to most of it – it’s on my cart in itunes and will get it as soon as I get the proper cash :)

              Plus I have this great live rendition on repeat :

            • Well, glad you like it. Carpenters have never been my cup of tea or that kind of easy listening. It’s actually much more old guard ESC than anything in this years edition. Shame she didn’t go to studio with Almighty to do HiNRG Carpenters. That would have made me reconsider.
              Classic Carpenters was mother’s day album in Australia. Also very classic Sony strategy for their c factor talent in all big markets.

            • Dami is anything but c factor talent but I guess your bias will never allow you admit that.

            • Did you mix up your letter then ? Anyway she is much more than that – she has traversed beyond the “talent show winner” label imo.

            • She shouldn’t be doing Carpenters covers at this point of her career. That’s very Sony and very X-factor.
              She should be doing original pop maybe with those guys who wrote and produced Sound of Silence. Again, not my cup of tea, but much better option than doing covers.

            • I think it’s very flattering to both that she is doing a tribute. It showcases her musical versatility and her ability to take risks by covering songs that have a very distinct vocal signature.

              That does not limit her from doing more pop stuff. She already has a varied pop background – throwing a quirk now and then is charming and refreshing.

            • I think it’s too early as this is only her third album and her first album is covers as well. Then again, there is always markets for this kind of entertainment and maybe this is what she really likes to do – being an entertainer.

            • and again comment awaiting moderation due to emojis ugh.. :

              I have listened to most of it – it’s on my cart in itunes and will get it as soon as I get the proper cash (smiley face)

              Plus I have this great live rendition on repeat :

              Never was a huge fan of the song or the band in general but Dami gave a new breath to it imo !

            • Did you even know it exists?
              It’s very classic Sony for their X factor talents. Some people like that kind of music. It’s fine with me. I don’t, I don’t have to. It’s just cheesy.

            • Of course you don’t have to. Your obsession though with putting down Dami constantly based on your personal bias against her has much more behind it than a simple dislike for her music – your problem is simple : she is guilty of three things mainly : a) talent b) being rewarded in contest for that talent by juries and c) being rewarded for that talent after the contest.

              These are the things she is “punished” for around here.

              And of course I knew it exists, I watched whole interviews from her about it before it came out !

          • I shall ignore them and wish Dami good luck, because Karen Carpenter is a tough act to follow.

            P.S. no, I don’t have spotify.

      • That’s nothing compared to what happens to us when we challenge the televoting fanatics and dare to even say that the polish masterpiece did not earn each one of its votes due to pure preference ;)

        Or when we dare to mention Dami’s success and her great vocals..That’s even more of a red flag. She is accused of the heinous crime of winning the jury vote and she must be punished severely apparently.

  21. Dami’s tour is selling out fast :

    (Damn that’s a lot of gay people – as according to the spiteful old guard fans these are the only people who listen to Dami’s music – showcasing some homophobia there as well – anything goes to prove a point)

    While she is giving today a charity concert in Kampera, Uganda where she has gone to be involved in humanitarian work btw.

  22. Have to go with Malta here. There’s so many more songs worth her placement in the jury vote, and the nation’s relationship with the jury system should be looked into.

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