Post Mortem: Switzerland

post mortemPost Mortem – In our next look at the countries that did not make it through to the grand final this year, Eurovision Times  looks at the fortunes of Rykka from Switzerland singing ‘The last of our kind‘.   Chosen in a national selection, the song was written by written by Rykka, Jeff Dawson, Mike James, and Warne Livesey.


Switzerland again used its crazy selection system with the country’s different broadcasters all taking different approaches (Direct entry – RTS & RTS. An online platform where entries could be uploaded for public viewing-  SRF & RTR) 19 entries were selected to advance to an “Expert Check” round; ten entries were selected from the SRF/RTR selection, six entries were selected from the RTS selection and three entries were selected from the RSI selection. Rykka came through the selection process via the online platform and was one of the three candidates ultimately selected by RTS/RTS.

Rykka went on to win the national final ESC 2016 – Die Entscheidungsshow on 13th February 2016. ET Regulars were not impressed, commenting the following on the night of the selection…

“The song’s boring and a pale Sia copy but not awful per se. On the other hand, Rykka is an AWFUL singer and an AWFUL performer. Considering other Canadians Switzerland has sent to the contest (like 1988 or 1993), this might be the worst one yet.”

“She’s a really bad singer and has zero stage charisma!This one occupies the last place in my 2016 list atm and i thought it wouldn’t get worse after the Danish selection.”

“Awful and amateurish. Unless we see a miracle happening, Switzerland will find it’s entry at the bottom of the SF scoreboard once again.”

Before the semi-final

Rykka’s first dress rehearsal left the press centre looking for words to describe what they’d just witnessed as she bobbed up and down on the spot in a transparent skirt whilst smoke billowed from her as she looked to be on fire.

rykka switzerland


  • The Georgian and Slovenian jury awarded Rykka 7 points each
  • The Irish jury awarded 5 points
  • The Danish jury gave 2 points
  • The Australian, Belgian, Israeli and German juries gave it 1 point each
  • This placed it 15th out of 18 with the juries


  • Albania’s televoting public awarded Rykka 3 points
  • That was it. Zilch, nada, nil points from anywhere else!
  • Well and truly in 18th place out of 18 with the tele-voters

sf2 result 2016

During the semi-final

Rykka was joined by three off-stage backing vocalists but they didn’t help. Social media was not kind…

rykka tweet 1

rykka tweet 2

rykka tweet 3

Rykka’s non-conventional style just didn’t work on the night. Her smoking armpits made people laugh… and not in a good way. Her bobbing around with her feet glued to the floor and her outfit made no sense. There was little other staging and her vocals were weak. All this combined with a less than average song had non-qualifier written all over it from the start and she didn’t connect with the audience at all.

Switzerland had 6 poor songs in their national final and chose an average song, with a singer with poor vocals. They need to come up with something much stronger next year.


18 comments on “Post Mortem: Switzerland

  1. Her looks were the only good thing and they managed to ruin even that. Kudos.

  2. A rather anonymous exercise in writing a Roxette song, but it was not that bad. Most of all boring.

  3. Her wee movements were a good laugh but the song was just forgettable. And her vocals didn’t help either. I honestly hope that Switzerland rethink their selection process … NOW.

  4. One of the worst performances and looks of the night. And already one of the weakest songs. Also, she was poor vocally in the slow parts, that are supposedly the easiest, because when you’re an averagy singer, you tend to ruin these. She was ok on the big notes, but she didnt have much personality in her voice. So when an artist has no real vocal personalities, she turns her hair blue.

  5. Epic failure and a well deserved last place.

  6. Switzerland falls to the same category with Estonia – showcases that the contest has a huge way to go if such entries are treated that way.

    Rykka was one of the most interesting, diverse and inspirational artists of esc 2016. Promoting her brand of individualism perfectly, showing a sense of humour – which shows intelligence and modesty and above all a very good song and performance, reflective of her very interesting musical material out there. It was a privilege for the esc stage to have her but we are in a contest where drivels like Poland’s will still do well because they represent the right flag…Disgraceful

    For anyone interested, “Kodiak”, her album, is available on itunes and it is a very interesting album (I am still looking for her folky stuff which she recorded under her real name).

    The contest has made steps forward. When artists like Rykka and songs like “The Last of Our Kind” are appreciated and start to do well even under the not very “attractive” swiss flag I will say with certainty we are there. We are obviously not there yet.

    All I can do is thank Rykka for introducing herself to me at least through esc. She is an artist I will be following (and hopefully attend one of her concerts as soon as I find my way to Switzerland) and one worthy of great things in the future.

    She may not be the last of her kind (although few artists have her boldness) but she is “not afraid to be brave though” for sure.

    Good luck to her :) !

  7. A very well deserved last place. No talent, no charisma, awful stage awareness, bland song = bottom 5 in both juries and televoting.
    Nothing to do with flags really…

  8. She chose a weak song, and in her semi-final performance, you could tell she knew it. It’s a pity, because she isn’t without talent.

  9. This was another mediocre song, lifted ever so slightly by the bridge and the key change. On stage I felt sorry for her – if her smoking armpits weren’t bad enough, she also seemed to be suffering some sort of groin strain.

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