Eurovision Winner Corry Brokken Dies Aged 83

Corry BrokkenFormer Participants – Sad news tonight as it was announced that the Dutch Eurovision Winner of 1957, and one of Eurovision’s oldest family, Corry Brokken, has died aged 83.  Corry represented her country, The Netherlands three times in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, 1957 and 1958, winning in 1957 with ‘Net als toen‘. She also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in The Hague in 1976. Corry remained involved in Eurovision over the years, as the points announcer of the Dutch votes in 1997 edition and as a judge for the national selection show in 2003.

She won a gold disc and become a lawyer after retiring from music. Eurovision Times sends its love to her family and friends at this sad time.

8 comments on “Eurovision Winner Corry Brokken Dies Aged 83

  1. Thanks for the article, Hulluna. This lady cretainly deserves one. I love her voice and Iike the 3 songs she brought to ESC. The younger fans should listen to her at least once. RIP.

  2. Corry’s winning song is among my few n° 1 songs that won the competition, and I really like her other 2 ESC songs too. Plus, as Shevek has pointed out, she had a very special voice I love a lot. Thank you for the music and rest in peace, Corry.

  3. RIP Corry Brokken. Another big chapter of esc passed. Its sad.

    Netherlands 57 is among my least favourite winners ever but she contributed much to the contest with her talent and unique voice.

  4. Net als toen is simply fantastic and so was Corry and her voice. What a sensual woman.

  5. I really love both “Net als toen” and her 1957 NF runner-up “De messenwerper”. Rest in peace (now it’s almost only Lys Assia left among the pioneers).

  6. I actually love all of her esc entries, including 58. And she’s my 57 winner. Not a great host but who cares. May she rest in peace.

  7. R.I.P.

    “Net als toen” is one of the relatively few ESC entries from the 50’s (1956 put aside) which I really like (along with “Skibet skal sejle i nat”). I love the mood in it – full of longing.

  8. Sad news… Always liked the song and the voice…

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