ET Awards 2016: Best Props & Gimmicks!

fridas 2016Eurovision 2016 – This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! And you get to vote! Today, we resume the polls with the two categories focused on performances!

2016 will be the fourth year for Eurovision Times to organize a new contest (you can check 2013’s results here, the 2014’s ones here, and the 2015’s ones here). As with the past few years, our blog hosts now two contests: TEKO which takes place before the contest and the “Eurovision Times Awards” after the contest. The principle of the ET Awards is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website will nominate a few entries per categories and open polls for the public to vote in them so we can reveal afterwards all the winners. The winners recieve an imaginary trophee, entitled the Fridas in hommage to Frida Boccara, the French Eurovision winner in 1969 with “Un jour, un enfant“.

The sixth award is in the “Artistic” category and it’s “Best Props & Gimmicks”. Here are the results of the recommendations made by the regular users of Eurovision Times in this category:

  • 7 Russia
  • 6 Georgia
  • 5 Armenia
  • 4 Iceland
  • 4 Italy
  • 2 Australia
  • 2 Austria
  • 2 Hungary
  • 1 Belarus
  • 1 Belgium
  • 1 Israel
  • 1 Lithuania
  • 1 Spain
  • 1 Ukraine

However, it’s down to the staff of Eurovision Times to choose the official nominees. But it’s up to you to vote in our poll below which entry had the best props and gimmicks this year! This category is another “performance” related award. It’s here to celebrate performances that were good and did not rely so much on the singer but more on everything around him or her to enhance the overall package. You need to click on the country’s name to be redirected to the video of the song. The nominees in alphabetical order are:




  • Georgia‘s kaleidoscopic picture







  • Italy‘s gardeen feel & cartoons







Rules: the polls will be open for a week. At the end of the week, an article will announce the winner of the category but not the detailed results. The full results will however be given to you once all polls are closed so that you don’t get influenced (we never know) in your following votes. Every IP gets only one vote, please do not cheat, do take in consideration to watch very careful to theperformances before voting and do not vote necessarly for your favorite song but vote regarding to the category. Of course, it’s pointless to vote only for your own country unless you’re really certain it should win. May the best win!

33 comments on “ET Awards 2016: Best Props & Gimmicks!

  1. Interestingly enough, we get less “novelty” and “circus” gimmicks and more interesting and mature ones lately, and the few ridicule ones (Slovenia’s pole man, Moldova’s astronaut) are getting killed in both juries and televote anyway.

  2. Georgia!

  3. Mehh…Italy’s props did more harm than good,imo.Georgia had an effective use of the props that helped the song qualify while Austria’s is a gimmick in a broader sense.The lovely Austrian princess walking through her path to melt Europe’s hearts.I loved Iceland’s gloomy-themed presentation of the shadows and negative voices but it didn’t help the song qualify.Russia’s heavily gimmicky performance on the other hand may be the main factor it did so well with televoting apart from the fact it’s Russia.

    • I agree about Italy. I was starting to warm to the song until I saw the ultra-twee staging and props. Same with Austria – it was the twee factor that put me off more than anything else as I quite liked the song on record.

      While I was impressed by Iceland’s and Russia’s screenwork, which I felt enhanced both performances, a part of me hoped that neither would win and reinforce any beliefs that elaborate gimmicks are now a pre-requisite for winning.

    • Totally agree!

  4. Again, Georgia. Though Austria and Italy come close here.

    Both Iceland and Russia were big letdowns coming after all the hype.

  5. I voted for Russia here, because the gimmick was the only enjoyable part of the performance, and it deserves its praise.

  6. It’s Georgia hands down here for me! They were electrifying and totally rocked the stage, I felt like I was in a high quality concert! :D

    I would’ve liked to see Belgium here too (as I thought their dance routine and the staging were very entertaining and fitting to the song) instead of Italy who I didn’t like that much. I like the other 3 nominees.

  7. Gutted Armenia missed out, I was very impressed by the very sharp camera work and the Iveta clones, it really elevated the performance. Italy was a bit of a let down tbh, I was very disappointed. Georgia was so good, I loved it, so it’ll get my vote

    • I still enjoyed Italy but did expect more.

    • It was a bit weird watching Iveta standing on stage pulling poses for each camera cut during the massive ‘hoover interlude’ – it made a lot more sense on TV!

      I was starting to warm to Italy on record, but the ultra-twee staging turned me right off. Same with Austria.

      Georgia fell flat in the arena and we got some very odd looks when we cheered them loudly, especially when they then qualified! I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by the UK jury giving 12 points for Britpop!

  8. Russia hands down made that winning of televotes by their screen show!

  9. Iceland – maybe it was inspired but still those colors, darkness and elements totally corresponded to my personal taste .

  10. BTW. . For the first time in the history the Armenian show for 90% corresponded to what I expected it would be look like with the exception ghat I would replace the holograms of Iveta during the folk part with backvocalist joining her for a female exotic folk dance with moving hands which would be shadowed on the screen like in Sade’s video of “Love is found” :)

  11. I have photos that show what Russia’s and Australia’s performances looked like from the side of the stage. Very interesting behind-the-magician’s-curtain shots. How can I post them here?

    • I think you can post the links for the photos here.If you want them to be visible to people without having to click on them then you should press enter after writing your post and before adding the photo’s link.The link should end in .jpg f.i

  12. I would not consider Austria’s performance gimmicky personally – although as Morgan noted this category becomes harder and harder as silly props and gimmicks are less every year (a good thing).

    I don’t know honestly if this is a “positive” or “negative” category – I’ll just vote for Iceland because it made the best use of the screen gimmick.

  13. I voted Austria on the basis that if you took out the ‘wonderland’ there really wouldn’t be a show at all, hence the gimmick made the most positive contribution to the act. However, I’m now wondering if it is a gimmick at all – too late, I voted.
    Georgia – I loved the light show (in the arena) but thought the on-screen tech effects were detrimental, imo the TV performance looked better without them, we saw this in the SF2 Jury show when there was a mess up and the tech effects weren’t included on screen in the arena. (Georgia complained and performed again for the juries.)
    Russia looks messier every time I watch it. They really did throw everything and the kitchen sink at it, I can’t find much correspondence between staging and lyric apart from some stormy-ness when he climbs the screen.
    Disappointed Lithuania didn’t make the cut – that trampoline would have had my vote!

    • Janet, I think your vote was very wise. Austria 16 is a weak and repetitive song that was immensely improved by the choices they made to underpin it on stage – that is the definition of a good gimmick, imo.

      P.S. – Salomé’s dress (Spain 69) was another terribly effective gimmick; it made another quite average song look and sound much better, the dress and the lady who wore it, that is.

  14. Corry Brokken (85) died.

  15. Shoe gazing non moving provincial rock ensemble managed to look credible thanks to SVT’s magnificent tricks in camera work and direction. Easy winner in this category.

  16. I’d personally switch Austria for Armenia since I don’t think the Austrian entry had much of a gimmick (it was more of that in their NF). In the end, I think I’ll vote for Georgia here. Lovely psychedelic.

  17. Austria’s choice of background and stage presentation was very effective. I did not like the song all that much, but the trip to wonderland won me over. Italy and Georgia were also very good. I am sorry not to see Montenegro here, but I understand the choices made by the staff.

    • Yes, we try to cover all grounds in the ONLY 5 nominees. I personally liked Montenegro a lot, but next to Georgia it was weaker, having both would weaken both in the long run.

  18. Georgia was just BRILLIANT on TV thus it gets my vote!

  19. […] can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 38 recommendations for 14 countries in the first round and 160 votes were cashed in an […]

  20. Best props and gimmicks is such a lame category here, am supposed to vote on above or extra, meeh, nothing , nada

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