OGAE Video Competition 2016 Launches

ogae video compOGAE Video Competition 2016 – ESC 2016 is over and we have to wait one year to the next. Let us shorten the waiting time with the OGAE Video Contest, which will be decided half way to the next ESC. 

After winning last year, the Eurovision Club Germany is happy to present to you the new video contest page HERE  where the season just started.

About 20 countries have already registered. You can see under “Country Status” and in the “News” section who is registered untill now and if your country is already in. Under “preselections” you’ll currently find the selections from Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Everyone is welcome to vote here for the best song. Other countries have already announced their Preselections for the next weeks.

In the “Archives” you can immerse yourself in the history of the OGAE Video Contest and find all the rankings, points and participants of all 13 previous contests as tables, as fast-forward-videos or video-links.

Here’s last year’s winning video:

The “Hall of Fame”, a blog and a quiz with rare ESC CDs as prize complete the website. So there is much to see, before in October the “grand finale” begins and we all will vote on the county with the best music video.

Eurovision Club Germany says that the readers of Eurovision Times are very welcome to give their votes, because for the first time there will be in addition to the points of OGAE-country representatives, a guest jury, in which everyone can take part.

5 comments on “OGAE Video Competition 2016 Launches

  1. I’m nearly sure that our ogae will submit my guilty pleasure song I was thinking about to submit in a national selection of FDLC :)

  2. Didn’t that winning song also compete in ETSC?
    I despise everything about it.

  3. Rykka strikes back to the critics of her stage presence with a gymnastics-inspired video for her song “Map Inside” :) :

    She wrote on facebook :

    “I am what I am. Recently listed as the top exercise guru of THE NATION in a newspaper following my epic moves onstage at Eurovision, I’ve decided to come out with this video we made a few years ago for Map Inside and give the world what it really deserves.”

    This girl never ceazes to amaze me :)

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